IELTS Acadmic Writing Task 1 # Income Graph

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The line graph below provide information about the incomes of four restaurants in a city in 2010
Summarise the information, write at least 150 words.


IELTS academic writing task 1 India

IELTS academic writing task 1

Sample Answer:

The line graph provides information about the amount of money which was earned monthly by four restaurants in a city in 2010.
Overall, what stands out from the graph is that there were considerable upwards trends in the income of Delicacy, Evening paradise and Grand Fiesta, while the earnings of Spicy Fortune witnessed a considerable fall over the year. Another interesting point is that Spicy Fortune was the most popular restaurant in January, but in December, Evening Paradise earned more money than the others.
Looking at the details, in January 2010, Spicy Fortune was the biggest earner with a monthly income of almost $160,000. In the following months, its earnings first fluctuated and then declined steadily before ending at nearly $50,000 in December.
In contrast, the monthly incomes of other three restaurants went up by varying degrees. There was a rise in Delicacy’s earnings over the first ten months, followed by a sudden increase to $120,000 in December. Grand Fiesta and Evening Paradise started with significantly different figures in January, about $100,000 and $50,000, respectively. The former experienced a steady fall until June, but after that, income rose significantly to just under $140,000 in December. Likewise, the trend for Evening Paradise was upward. From January to July, earnings doubled from about $50,000 to nearly $100,000 and ended the year with the highest income of around $190,000.


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  • The line graph illustrates the amount of money earned by four diners over a 12 month period in the year 2010. The value is represented in thousands of dollars.
    Overall, it is evident that Evening Paradise, Grand Fiesta and Delicacy rocketed in sales by the end of the year whereas Spicy Fortune was at an all-time low by December. Undulating fluctuations are also noticeable in the sales of all of the restaurants in 2010.
    Spicy Fortune started at a high of $160,000 in January, but dipped by approximately $20,000 before increasing to a little under $180,000 in March. Over the next seven months, it showed an irregular trend but plummeted to about $80,000 in November. By December, the income was at a low of a considerably less than $60,000 which garnered the lowest sales among the four eateries.
    On the other hand, Delicacy and Evening Paradise both began in January at below $60,000. The two cafes stabilized at this rate of earnings from February until May. However, sales took a slight turn for Evening Paradise as its sales in June was almost equal to the income of Grand Fiesta on that same month. However, the former depicted a drop in August and September, before rapidly increasing in the last three months of 2010, and wash shown to be the highest earner among the four in 2010. Meanwhile, Grand Fiesta and Delicacy both illustrated variations but finished at about $140,000 and $100,000 respectively.

  • The graph shows the development of restaurant business all along 2010. Its inputs are the monthly incomes of four restaurants of the city.
    It is possible to see two different behaviour, in a side is Spicy Fortune started that year with the higher incomes, picking on March around $170.000, almost equal incomes that the other three restaurants together. Whit some fluctuations Spicy Fortune had had a negative trend until October, were felt down to $ 50.000 in December.
    In the opposite side, Delicacy and Evening Paradise stared with relatively low incomes, after a steady period their incomes took a positive trend since September. Note that Evening Paradice finished 2010 in $ 190.000, such a success. Delicacy achieved on December $ 120.000.
    Grand Fiesta develop a stable behaviour, it stared on $ 100.000, experienced a soft decreased until July, where it suddenly arose until almost $140.000.