IELTS Cue Card Questions # Practical Skills

Practical Skills – skills are the things you can do better than most of the people, things that you excel at. So, practical skills are the ones that help you deal with real life problems efficiently. So, communication skills, teamwork or Microsoft office, these are the practical skills that help individuals in their lives. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about practical skills.

Describe a practical skill you have. You should say:

  • what the skill is
  • how often you use it
  • who taught it to you

also, explain how it helps in your life.


I would like to talk about this one skill I learned as a child, unknowingly and have been using it in every part of my life.

Back in the 1990s, when computers were initially getting there a way to our lives my father taught me to write on a computer. I mastered the skill of typing without having to look at the keyboard. While studying, when other kids made notes on their notebooks, I prepared presentations for my chapters and read through them. I made notes on the Microsoft word and learned the diagrams on paint. Back then, their importance to me was not clear.

It was when I moved to my college and then corporates, when most people were struggling with presentations, I aced them. I could make good presentations from a huge data and explain it well. This has been with my life for almost a decade and has truly helped me.

As a software engineer, my work revolves around coding and it is so much of help when you can actually focus on the code and not be divided into deciding what to type and how to type! Even more, making design documents or for that matter analyzing data using Excel is a piece of cake for me.

I believe practical skills surely help an individual in later years of life and it is the responsibility of the school and parents to teach them to their folks.


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