Open-Air or Street Market Which You Enjoyed Visiting

IELTS Speaking Cue Card # open- air or street market which you enjoyed visiting

Shopping is something which we all indulge in every now and then. We shop for clothes, footwear, gadgets, households and day to day requirements like vegetables, fruits, grocery etc. Although a lot of shopping complexes and malls have come up in India, each and every city has at least one open air or street market which is buzzing with activity. Let us look at this cue card where we have to talk about one such street market where we enjoyed shopping.

Describe an open- air or street market which you enjoyed visiting.

    You should say:

  • Where the market was?
  • What the market sells?
  • How big the market was?
  • And explain why you enjoyed visiting this market.
Sample Answer One

Like most of the women, I too love shopping. This is one such leisure time activity which not only gives me immense happiness but also helps me spend quality time with my friends. I’ll like to share my experience of shopping in one of the most popular flea markets in India. In the heart of New Delhi, there lies Sarojini Nagar market , a destination for every girl who is on the hunt for trendy stuff at killer prices.
I visited this market with my college friend who belongs to Delhi. My friend had briefed me beforehand that I should not purchase any product at the price quoted by the seller as there is room for lots of bargaining.
I didn’t have anything particular to buy, so I decided to look around and get the feel of the place first. There were export-surplus garments available at affordable prices. I was pleasantly surprised to find products of reputed brands at throwaway costs and I just couldn’t resist buying those. There was something for everybody, from stylish clothes to designer bags and shoes to fashionable jewellery, making it impossible for anyone to leave this place in disappointment.
Along with shopping, this market is also a hub for lip smacking street food like momos, sandwiches, fresh juice and corncobs etc. Also, there is adjoining vegetable market which offers the freshest and choicest fruits and vegetables. I was told that the market is so big that if someone intends to explore the whole of it, at least one entire day is required. All this and much more makes this place equally popular amongst locals and tourists. I look forward to visiting this shopper’s paradise again. (281 Words)

Sample Answer Two
Sample Answer

There are various places which are liked by us due to their peculiarities. One such place I like to frequently visit is open market in Cannaught Place. It is located in the heart of Delhi and easily accessible from any corner of the city.
Its unique architecture was designed by Robert Tor Russel. The street market is a confluence of exotic food, variety of dresses and electronic items. Few shops also provide ethnic dress materials which are not available in any part of city. The rates are also not exorbitant and negotiable due to bargaining.

Handicrafts and handlooms also attract me as they are unique to the regions where they are made. There are some very old, renowned shops in Cannaught Place which sell the handloom and handicrafts from across the country. These products are centrally available thereby saving time and energy to search them at different stores.
I feel over whelmed as I visit this market as it freshens up my childhood memories as I used to visit here along with my school time friends.
The evenings are more attractive due to pleasant atmosphere and excellent lighting arrangements. The hustle bustle makes the market and streets more lively and happening. A walk on the walking plaza is so enjoyable, as affordable snacks and delicious food is available on joints along these walking ramps. There are different varieties of dishes which are not available in any other part of Delhi.
Though crowded the market still carries its charm and I never miss a chance to visit it.


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