IELTS CUE CARD # Modern Technology You Own

Describe a piece of modern technology that you own.
You should say:

  • What it is?
  • What you use it for?
  • How long you have owned it?

And explain why it is important for you.




Sample Answer :

I’m a gadget freak and I personally enjoy buying and collecting several pieces of modern technology and electronic gadgets that I often use and amongst all of them, I would like to talk about my laptop. I own a MacBook Air which is manufactured by Apple Inc. The laptop has an amazing configuration and it supports most of the latest software. It came with its upgraded IOS operating system and it was a bit expensive for me to buy but I can say that it was definitely worth it. I bought it approximately a year ago when I replaced my old Dell laptop with this new one.

It is used for a variety of official purposes as well as personal use. I use the internet to find information for several projects, communicate with my friends, listen to music using this laptop. I sometimes prepare some documents and play games in it as well. This laptop serves as a source of entertainment too. In fact, I use my laptop more frequently than any other electronic device I have including my mobile.

I’ve been using laptop for more than 10 years now. Since the technology changes with every passing day and the use of latest software which demands faster performances, we need to upgrade our computers and laptops very regularly to ensure good performance, I replaced my old laptop with this new one for the same reason.

As I have previously mentioned, I use this laptop for a list of reasons like sorting and writing documents, to keep in contact with my friends, maintain my blogs, watch movies, listen to music and for many other important purposes. It has definitely become an unavoidable technology for me that I use almost every day.

Follow-Up Questions:

Q1. How can technology make our life easier?
Ans Technology has made a very powerful impact in our lives in many ways and so far technological advancement has made our life easier than ever. The internet has contributed to this to a large extent. It has also made the day to day communication faster and easier. Communication and shopping have improved as well.

Technology has made it possible to cure diseases that were incurable in the past. It has improved the way we travel, cook, play, make a relationship, spend our leisure time. The space exploration has enhanced our perspective of life and universe while we can better fight the natural disasters with the help of technology. Technology has turned out as a blessing to us.

Q2. What are some greatest inventions you know about?
Ans There are many remarkable and creative inventions that has changed our lives and humankind. According to me, the cars and light bulb are two of the most important things that were ever invented. The first device helps people commute whenever they want and wherever they are and the second has made working in dark places and at night feasible. I should probably mention the wheel, printing press, paper, Penicillin, Integrated Circuit and camera are also necessarily important.

Q3. Can you do without your mobile phone?
Ans The answer to this is a straight cut no. Due to the fact that it’s multifunctional, it constitutes an integral part of my life. I use it constantly every day to make calls and talk to my friends and family, send messages, access the internet, take pictures, surf for information, listen to music. I think I’ll have a very difficult time even if I lose it for a while. Its such a nightmare.

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