IELTS Cue Card #Describe a time when you were friendly with someone you didn’t like

IELTS Cue Card #Describe a time when you were friendly with someone you didn’t like

Describe a time when you were friendly with someone you didn’t like.
You should say:

  • Who was he/she?
  • Why don’t you like him/her?
  • When and where did it happen?

And how did you befriend him at that time.

IELTS Cue Card #Describe a time when you were friendly with someone you didn’t like

Sample Answer :

We have a colourful world around us with variety of, not only objects but, people too. People differ not only in their physical characteristics but also in their mannerisms and behaviour. Some people are rough and rude while others are soft and polite, and so on. One can have a good rapport with the like-minded people only but still we have to carry on with all sorts. I also have one such person in my neighbourhood, called Rajesh. He stays just opposite to our house.

He always carries those airs of haughtiness and arrogance around him, out of his excessive wealth and property. He is never enough courteous to wish, the elders or for that sake, anyone in our colony. Once I volunteered to initiate a conversation with him but he treated me with disdain by his obtuse gestures and snobbishness. Even the children feel threatened of him asking for the ball when it, sometimes, falls inside his porch. In the park, he often displays his cruelty when he hits the stray dogs with no good reasons. Because of his poor mannerisms, not only me, everyone in our colony despises him.

But, strangely enough, he is now a friend of mine and we usually have a very warm conversation, whenever we meet. We also visit each other’s houses and sometimes, even go for an excursion together. All this happened after an incident in our market nearly three months ago. One night after dinner, I just happened to visit the market on a stroll, which is just walking distance away from my home. Since it was winter time, not many people frequented the market at that time. In one of the dark corners, I heard the muffled voices of a person in pain and his pleadings for help. Just then I saw, it was Rajesh who was being manhandled by two other assailants, who were trying to steal him. I immediately rushed with a stick and made those flee from there. Rajesh was badly bruised. I immediately referred him to the hospital where he stayed for two days.

After returning from hospital, he called me and invited me at his home. It was then that our friendship started and gradually we became good friends.



Word Meaning
Rapport close/harmonious relation: Politicians from different parties have poor rapport with each other.
Haughty proud/snobbish: One should act humble and not haughty.
Despise hate: Bad people are despised everywhere.
Muffled unclear: Children should recite poem clearly and not in muffled tone.
Assailant attacker: Assailant came from that direction.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 What are your views on friendship?

Sample Answer: Friendship is a real blessing for human beings, that is what I believe. Friends not only add to our joy and happiness in good moments but they also lend out a supporting hand in times of distress. Presence of friends decorate an occasion very well and make the spirits go high.

Q. 2 Do you believe that there are true friends who help in troubled times?

Sample Answer: Yes, I firmly believe that there are good friends who help in every kind of weather. Although, most of the people are stuffed with selfish tendencies nowadays and they care to think about themselves only, but still, there are kind and good hearted people who turn out to be valuable friends.

Q. 3 How do people befriend each other?

Sample Answer: Like mindedness and the common interests, I think, play a vital role in forging a long term friendly relation. People with polarised views often have differences of opinion and frequent conflicts whereas those with the common thought process mix up easily and quickly. Although, I believe that, this is not the only factor responsible for a mature durable friendship. Apart from this, people should be kind, generous, polite and logical in order to come into friendship.

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