IELTS CUE CARD – Describe a school you went to in your childhood

IELTS CUE CARD – Describe a school you went to in your childhood


Describe a school you went to in your childhood

  • Where it was
  • What it was like
  • What did you learn there and explain how you felt  about it
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When we talk about childhood, the first memories that we can recall are of our good times spent in school. I studied in Convent of Jesus & Mary, Dehradun. It is one of the most prestigious and oldest schools in Dehradun. Even though many years have passed since I left school, I vividly remember the impressive layout and architecture of my school.

There was a huge church at the entrance. After the church, there was a beautiful garden on one side and the rows of colourful seasonal flowers gave a warm welcome. All the students walked along this floral path towards the main building. A sense of calm pervaded over me when I stepped into the school every morning and walked down towards the main building.

The junior and senior sections had dedicated buildings. A vast playground separated the two wings. The playground was fully equipped with swings, monkey bars and sea-saws. Swings were my favourite. It was a routine for me to reach early so that I could go on the swings for few minutes before going to my class.

All the teachers in my school were very loving and caring. Throughout my schooling we were taught how to lead a disciplined life. The focus was on all round development and the teachers encouraged the students to participate in a range of extracurricular activities, from dramatics, dancing, singing to sports. The personality of every student was nurtured with utmost responsibility.

I consider myself fortunate to attend this school. Whatever I have achieved today the credit for it goes to the dedication of the teachers.

Pervaded (past tense) spread through and be perceived in every part of eg. The fragrance of the flowers pervaded the air.
Dramatics the study or practice of acting in and producing plays


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