Cue card: A writer you would like to meet

IELTS cue card: A writer you would like to meet

Describe a writer you would like to meet.

You should say
• Who the writer is
• What you know about this writer already
• What you would like to find out about him/her
And explain why you would like to meet this writer.

 Sample Answer

Books are man’s best friend. Books enlighten a small mind and help one become a better person. If given a chance to meet my favorite writer, I’d like to meet J.K. Rowling, the author of the famous 7 book series, Harry Potter. My childhood has been full of enchanting and magical stories, thanks to this worthy author. She’s been a role model since my childhood.

I’ve learnt a lot about J.K. Rowling. She first came across the idea of Harry Potter on a delayed train from Manchester to London. She got her manuscript rejected at almost 12 publishing houses before getting it finally published with Bloomsbury. Her first work was titled “Rabbit”. She has stated in several press interviews that the source of inspiration for her writing was her mother.

J. K. Rowling is also awarded as the ‘Most Influential Woman in Britain’. She is a single mother who thought of herself as the biggest failure until later she paved her way to being a multi-millionaire in the short time span of 5 years. Personally, she has a beautiful heart too. She is often witnessed in various charity events. One fascinating thing that I read about her in a blog post was that she actually had to go to a psychiatrist to handle the amount of success she was receiving. I found it hilarious.

I’d like to know her source of inspiration for the idea and theme of the story and characters portrayed in Harry Potter. I’d like to ask her several of her making and breaking moments and what actually kept her motivated even after so many rejections. I’ll ask her whether magic schools really exist and whether she has ever planned to attend one.

I have a list of reasons to meet her. Being an amateur writer myself I look forward to asking her lot of guidelines and hacks to improve my writing. I will also want if she can review some of my own written work and give me her valuable suggestions. Lastly, I’ll make sure that I tell her that I’m one of her biggest fans alive.


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