IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A time when you moved to a new school

Describe a time when you moved to a new school
You should say:
• when it was
• where you moved to
• why you moved there
• and explain your feelings about this change.

Sample Answer

Like many other children I too had to change my school when I was young. Today, I’m going to share one such time with you.
My father was an officer in the Indian army. His job involved frequent transfers from one place to another. I was in 7th class and my dad was posted in Dehradun. At that time I was studying in Army Public School, Dehradun. One day he received his transfer order for a city called Jodhpur. It’s a historical city in Rajasthan state of North India.

The children of the majority of army men in India attend central schools which are either run by the army or central government. Whenever government employees are ordered to relocate, their kids move to these schools. The process of changing school for children is normally simple and straightforward. Once you reach a new place, the kids can start their school immediately. For me that was around April in the year 1999.

This was a newly established school. Most of the facilities like swimming pool and playgrounds were still under construction at the time of my arrival. I did take some time to fit into the new environment, but soon enough I felt like I really belonged there. I made some great friends and had a great time overall.


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