IELTS Cue card # About collects things

IELTS Cue card – about collects things

Talk about something you or someone you know collects.

  • what you or this person collects
  • how the collection is stored
  • how quickly the collection is growing

What kind of person would enjoy collecting that thing, and why?

Sample Answer

Collecting items is considered to be a hobby by many and it takes a lot of knowledge and interests to collect something worthy. But, with time, it is becoming a diminishing hobby of sorts nowadays however, there are still many people who have kept this ritual alive. One such person that I know of is Mr Khan. He is a next door neighbour of mine and has worked with the Indian Navy. His voyages and expeditions have landed him in various remote corners of the globe. That’s how he developed this hobby of collecting coins.

He has special custom made boxes where he stores his collection. They are made of premium wood and have partitions inside it in order to store each coin individually. Along with these boxes he has a book in which he has gathered as much information about these coins as possible. The notes and his collection are very informative and they speak volumes about themselves. The most striking feature about his collections is that they are arranged according to the countries in an alphabetic order. So to procure information about any coin from any country is very easy.

It has slowed down over the course of past few years. It’s mostly due to the fact that he has retired now and wants to take things easy. Due to the health issues he is not able to travel that frequently however, he still has loads of tourists flocking his doors as his collection is quite famous and every now and then he will lay his hands on something worthy through them.

One needs a vast knowledge of history for collecting coins. Currencies have played vital roles in our knowledge of understanding past. It is a hobby that requires a lot of patience and at the same time it can be very rewarding too. Certain numismatist have amassed millions through their collections. They all have one thing in common which is their love for history.


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