Media Projecting Slim Women

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Over the last few decades, the media has projected the image of women as young and thin.
What problems has this caused?
What solutions can you suggest to this?


Media in the changing times has played a very crucial role in defining the decisions made by people. With coming of the digital era and Internet, people are highly dependent on  advertisements to make changes in their lifestyle. One such change that has been observed, is that women are now trying to be slim because the notion that things girls are pretty has grounded people’s mind set. This has given rise to a new set of issues.

Firstly, with portraying slick women as the epitome of femininity, the society in large, makes the women question about themselves. This has caused a shift in the minds, from the importance of being healthy to be rather slim, even if it is at the price of becoming unhealthy. Secondly, this has caused a negative psychology among young girls, who if are fat, look upon themselves as inferior to the ones who are slim. The age when children are supposed to learn and explore the world, the hassles of body, could be quite disheartening.

The most effective solution could be making deliberate attempt, to show all women are beautiful. Movies, advertisements or songs, should portray women as human beings, who could be either fat, short, black, slim, fair or whatever, and yet be successful. This method could act as a counteract to the present notion.

Overall, often media forgets the importance it plays in the lives of people, and takes irresponsible steps. But, if the media tries again, the notions present could be changed for better.


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