Teenage Conflict # Essay For IELTS

Some people view teenage conflict with their parents as a necessary part of growing up, whilst others see it as something negative which should be avoided. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
Write at least 250 words.

The most vulnerable years of a persons’ life are the teenage years, the years when a child gets rational, observes things around us with his/her own perspective and forms an image that lives with them for a long period of time. Apart from the external changes, a teenage even undergoes hormonal changes and they discover a new aspect of their body. All of these changes, internal and external, account for questions and confusions amongst them, often leading to conflicts.
Although some people are of the opinion that the conflicts must be avoided, I believe such frays are natural and must be handled with more wisdom than simple avoidance.

“Everyone sees the world with their own unique lenses”. As a result parents and children often have different points of view. For example-: A child on observing things around forms an opinion that God does not exist. Trying to suppress such thoughts and naming him/her as atheist, will only worsen the situation, as is often seen teenagers tend to feel lonely. Allowing such opinions to exist in their children, parents make them more independent and teach them that they need to stand by their own decisions and opinions and it is perfectly fine to be different. Suppressing them would make them more submissive in the later years of their lives.

Although, recently it has been observed that crimes committed by teenagers have increased in the past decade. The figures surely make parents concerned about their children. At this point suppressing conflicts is a better way to approach, but it must be made sure that you take your children into confidence first. Usually children are so scared of their parents that they don’t tell them the problems they are facing, often leading them to a whirlpool end.

To sum up, it can be said that, a teenage is like the growing bud, we need to make sure they get the right environment to grow in, so that they can think independently and yet learn the difference between right and wrong.



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