Essay # First Impression Is The Last Impression

First impression is the last impression. Some people believe that if you give a good interview, chances are high that you may get selected for the job. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Write 250 words, give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


In this ever changing materialistic and demanding world, our attitude and behaviour changes according to the person present in front of us. In this competitive age, everybody tries to make an everlasting first impression. Even though we may not agree to it, as a society we have become more judgemental and perceive our thoughts based solely on the person’s appearance. To say first impression is the last impression would perhaps be an exaggeration because one can correct their mistake. However, one will have to make a lot of effort to correct their fault, so why not try your best and create a positive first impression when going for a job interview rather than relying on other factors to get you over the line.
When going for a job interview, the person conducting the interview has numerous candidates in front of him/her all matching the eligibility criteria of that particular vacancy. During the interview, I will be at my most presentable and because of the fact that, I am in dire need of that particular post, I will create the best possible first impression. My appearance and body language will make me stand apart from other candidates. Numerous surveys have shown that people who take care about their looks and try to make a positive first impression are more successful in life. In professional life, a good first impression can open doors to many other possibilities. In the words of Andrew Grant “You never get a second choice to make a first Impression” so one should always try their best.
In the end, I would like to say that even though mistakes can be rectified, but not everyone gets a second chance in life. Life is unpredictable and we should be at our best at the first instance as if you may not be, you will have to work very hard till the next opportunity comes.

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This is the computer era. Everything from the clock to the books; cars to the airplanes; relationships to businesses have become digital. We are not concern about the results anymore, all we are bothered is whether the result was on time or not. And this time, the “time” has changed from being analog to digital. Seconds, even milliseconds do matter.
Running in this maddening race, first impressions certainly matter. No one has the time neither the chances to waste. Even more it has so happened that the people applying for a particular job are quite high than the number of vacancies. This has increased the competition by many folds resulting into a decision based on the first impression. For example-: A person taking the interview has got merely 20 or 30 minutes to decide whether to take you or leave you. So, it is quite obvious that the interviewer’s decision depends entirely on what you project in those minutes.

However, when a sphere of society changes it does not means that the shift is in the entire society. First impressions do matter, but they are usually looked upon in short term goals. For example-: Oprah Winfrey was rejected from a news channel stating she is unfit for television. She went on to become the most famous television personalities of all times.Her first impression was surely not the last. Even more there have been cases when people were rejected from a particular company or school, but later have been appreciated by the same company or school.

To sum up, first impressions do matter but it must be noted that the quicker the impression formed, the shorter it is lived. So, even if your first impression turns out to be a disaster, it can always be changed if you are determined to do so.

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