How To Remember Vocabulary?

Vocabulary, one of the pillars on which your band in IELTS depends on. Be it reading, writing, speaking or listening. And so we say, improve your vocabulary. But how? How can someone improve their vocabulary? There are times when you have new words that you want to remember and then there are some old words that you can barely remember, no matter how hard you try. Well, below are some of the tips you can follow to improve on your vocabulary.

1.Repeat: There are some who are visual learners and then there are some who are audio learners. The visual learners need to see the word before they can learn it, while audio, just listen. Whatever kind you are, remember just repeat the words to yourself. You are an audio learner; listen to those words again and again. If you are visual, write down those words and make it a point to read them again and again.

2.Poster/Sticky Notes-: Make poster on sticky notes of the words on places you really visit. For example,keep some sticky notes with words and their meanings in your kitchen or bathroom. So, that every time you go there you read them and in the long run, remember them. You call it subconscious attempt.

3.Draw pictures-: This is one of the most interesting parts of learning vocabulary. What do you do in this? For example. There is a chair in your room. You want to learn its synonyms, make a sticky note with all the words that mean chair and stick it on the chair. So, every time you sit on the chair you remember what all it means.

4.Make sentences-: We don’t speak words. We speak sentences. Learning vocabulary could be more fun to you and more easy if you make sentences. And make sentences, that are associated to you in some way. May be related to your life, or how you feel or whatever. Make your own sentences.

5. Your language can help-: There are times that the language you speak and English have words in common. Mix and Match, make a relation and figure out the way to remember it.

Vocabulary is the base of your pizza, make sure to lay it well.

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