IELTS Essay # Cybercrime – such as hacking and identity theft

IELTS Essay # Cybercrime – such as hacking and identity theft

Many people today are worried about ‘cybercrime’ such as hacking and identity theft. What problems does ‘cybercrime’ cause, and what solutions can you suggest for ordinary people and businesses to take?
Give reasons for your answer, and provide ideas and examples from your own experience. You should write at least 250 words and spend 40 minutes on this task.


Cybercrime is an ever-growing problem today, as so many people use various forms of technology to store and transmit sensitive data. These crimes present a number of problems and people are getting more concerned about them. In this essay, I will discuss the issues and discuss the measures as to how we can tackle them.
Firstly, cyber crimes are mostly money oriented. They have huge financial impacts on banks and insurance companies. An individual whose bank account details have been compromised is due a full refund for the amount affected according to the monetary laws of U.S section 181. Furthermore, the money stolen could be used for funding other crimes like terrorism and drug trafficking. The stress caused by these crimes could be gruesome. Individuals who are affected will need to cope up with various issues and fill in loads of paperwork to get their money back. Moreover, it may take weeks or even months before the funds are allocated back to them
To speak of solutions, the most important thing is to improve security. This can be done by educating people of the causes of cyber crime and providing appropriate measures such as using strong passwords and checking for website’s authentication before filling in your bank details. Stringent laws should be put in place and a universal governing body for the same should be set up as to put everybody under the same set of laws. Most of the crimes committed online are traced to different parts of the world. With more strict policies, criminals will be worrisome of their actions and won’t be able to hide behind the barrier of international borders.
In the end, cyber crime is growing at an alarming rate and the problems caused by it are both financial and social. Governments, individuals and corporations should co-ordinate with each other to prevent any further damages. (310 Words)


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