What Do IELTS Band Mean ?

What Do IELTS Band Mean:

Have you ever wondered what do IELTS band stand for? What do the world means when
it says, you have got band 7? And then what does it mean if they say you got a band 3.
Here, I am, decoding what goes behind these words.

BAND 9-: when I say you got a band 9, it means you have a accurate and fluent command of the language.

BAND 8-: It means you are a very good user. Although you do have good command of the language, you do make some
mistakes, may be in not so familiar situations.

BAND 7-: Band 7 refers to the fact that you are a good user. Although you can operate well using the language, but there are some occasional inaccuracies, misunderstandings and inappropriateness in some situations.

BAND 6-: A Band 6 means you can fairly use the language and understand it, usually in familiar situations.

BAND 5-: If your are a Band 5, it means you can go about and have basic communication in your field. Although, you are bound to make mistakes if taken to unfamiliar situations.

BAND 4-: A BAND 4 person has basic competency with the language in familiar situations.

BAND 3-: If you are BAND 3, you can understand and convey basic English words.
BAND 2-: You can not do a real communication in English if you are a BAND 2. You may use some isolated words.

BAND 1-: You essentially have no ability to use the language. May be very few words.

BAND 0-: You did not attended the test.

SO, go fellas and increase your band, and live the life you have dreamt of.

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Make Specific Goals

You must be having goals in your life. Rather, goals are regarded the most important step to be successful. But the point is not whether you make goals or not. How effectively you make your goals leads you to success. For example, if you made a goal that I want to study in Harvard university. Now this is no goal or you can say a very poor goal. Poor, not in a sense that you have chosen a bad university, but because you haven’t put in the details of getting there.

A better goal could be I will get a band 9 in IELTS to get admission in Harvard University. And then how will you get a band 9? You need to specify that as well. a reasonable goal could be, I will learn 10 idioms today. Or, I will learn 20 verbs related to swimming today. So, what are you doing here? You are making a goal that can be achieved. You have exactly specified how much and in what time. it is when you fulfil all such small, yet important goals you finally reach to the big goal.

Remember, it is never about the big goal or the ultimate desire or aim, it is how well you accomplish the small goals that lead you to the big one. Make sure that your goals are specific.

How To Cancel The IELTS ?

Uncertainty is the one thing that can cross you at any time. There may be a case when you want to cancel or postpone your IELTS exam. Although this is possible, it depends on when you are requesting for the cancellation.


1.Cancel before five weeks of the exam-:
If you cancel your IELTS exam at least five weeks prior to your exam, you are given a refund. If you want to cancel it, you are required to fill in an application form. If the form is accepted you receive the cheque of the refund in the address specified by you in the form.

2.Cancel within five weeks of the exam-:
If you cancel within five weeks because of some medical reasons, you need to provide the original medical certificate. In case of serious illness, you will receive a refund. But if the illness is thought not to be serious, you may not get any refund.
If you cancel the test, because of the bereavement of a family member, again, you need to provide valid proof if you want a refund.
If you cancel for any other reason, you don’t get any refund.

In any case, you need to submit the application, with all the details.

What Is IELTS ?

The world is coming closer and we are no longer living isolated existence. With this coming we are now experiencing global ideas, broader perspective and opening ourselves to new cultures. With this global mixing, we cannot underestimate the power of English. It is no longer just a way to communicate. It has now become more of a way to express your ideas. And in this globalised world, IELTS has now become one of the most accepted English testing system. But then what is IELTS?

IELTS stands for International Language Testing System. It is the test you must take if you want to study, work or immigrate to a country where English is the main language. But then how can a test judge whether you know English or not? Well, IELTS tests all the four aspects of English i.e reading, writing, speaking and listening. The best part about you can apply on any date that suits you. IELTS has 48 dates per year for the academic module and 24 dates per year for the general module.

So, does that mean you need to go to some particular place to give the test? Not really. IELTS has got 8000 test centers across the globe and 41 in India alone. It is jointly owned by the British Council, University Of Cambridge and IDP Australia. But then who accepts it? Don’t worry. Around 7000 organizations all around the world accept it. And if you are aiming for Ivy League, here is a good news, they too accept it.
Remember there are three versions of IELTS ,academic, general and IELTS life. Remember to check with the receiving organization which IELTS you must take.

What are you waiting for now? Go register yourself for an IELTS test at www. britishcouncil.org.in.
Remember, your choices define your destiny, make sure to choose well.

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