Importance of Internet # IELTS Speaking

Internet is making it possible for you to read this blog, and it is almost everywhere. It can even be in your speaking section of IELTS. So, let us have a look at some of the possible question of speaking on importance of Internet and their possible answers

Do you use Internet a lot during the day?

Yes, I use Internet a lot. I think too an extent my entire career depends on it. Being a blogger, I need to update things, tell people about what I am doing presently, maintain a page, reply to my followers, and it is all possible if I am on Internet.

What do you usually do on Internet?

Well, most of the time I am either blogging or interacting with my followers. Apart from this, I love watching you tube videos. I think you tube is that one site that opens up a whole new world for all of us. I mean, I can watch, documentaries, web series, appreciate people’s work and at the same time learn from people I might never meet in my life. Also, being a travel host, my work requires me to travel a lot, so internet is also a good way to be in touch with my family and friends.

What are some of the advantages of Internet?

The best thing about Internet according to me is that it is available for all. All the opportunities, everything, there is no competition going on there. If one has the will to learn, you can, using Internet. Also, it makes life more easier. One need not to rush here and there to book tickets, pay bills, give tough competitions to learn and go after door to door for job. Online teaching, work from home, it is all possible because of Internet.

So,do you think there are any disadvantages to it?

Every coin has two sides. Internet one hand has made our lives easier, but also made us more impatient and open to more risk. Like, these days people often send their credit card details online. If someone hacks through it, it can actually leave the person broke. Also, with more availability, internet has surely made us more impatient. Earlier people used to get angry when they did not used to get food, now they are angry for silly things like wifi is not working, internet is slow. But, if one is able to maintain a balance, I think internet can be used to more advantages.

Do people in your country use Internet a lot?

It actually depends. India being a vast country, has different aspects to different places. Like, Delhi will have more people using internet as compared to may be Haldwani, where Internet connections are not that strong, or awareness isn’t yet made. So, according to me, the metropolitan or smart cities tend to have people who use Internet a lot, but Internet has yet not reached to the villages and the small towns of India. People may use, but not excessively.

Do you do shopping on Internet?

Well, yes sometimes, when either I don’t have time to actually go out and buy things or if I have to order something for my family back home. But, usually I prefer going to the markets to buy things and check them on my own.


IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Computers

We are in an era of computers, and it is very likely that you  must have either learnt them as a professional course or used them casually. Either ways, computers can be a topic for students in their speaking section. Let us have a look at some of the possible questions based on it and the possible answers.

Do you think computers help society?

I think, yes. Computers have truly transformed the way the world operates. So, for instance, if suppose someone from my family is in a problem and needs money, I can send them immediately over computer and internet. This was not possible sometime back. Also, it has provided millions of people with jobs. There are call centers, corporate world, wherein one can earn a decent salary, making people’s life better. So, if you look at a large picture, computers have truly rescued the society.

Do you think computers are bad for health?

I believe, over doing of anything is  bad for health. Like if you are over eating medicines, you can die. The one thing that saves you can kill you. Computers have surely made people sit more and may be made them lathargic, but they have also made people do work quicker. So, one can always find time to exercise. Even more, constant staring at the computer screen tend to weaken our eyes, but I think if one takes proper precautions, there is nothing much to worry about.

Do you think computers have changed the world?

Well, yes. I think computers have truly revolutionized the world. From the way we communicate, to the way we learn to the way we pay bills or do anything, has changed completely. Earlier, people used to write letters to each other, now we are almost in a constant touch. There are no queues anymore, people are learning more and better. So, for instance, I can learn from the professors of Harvard sitting at my home and that to free. Computers have surely made our lives easier. I think there are certain issues along them, like health and time, but if one manages well, computers are truly a boon for all of us.

What do you mostly do in a computer?

I am mostly either coding or writing or using internet. I have a laptop which I carry almost all the time with me, so whenever I feel like writing I just open my Mac and start writing. You tube is the next thing I love to do in computer. Watching videos, especially documentaries by either BBC or discovery or fox life, makes my day and frequently do watch them. I even surf on internet for anything and everything. I think it is the combination of internet and computer that has become an indispensable part of my life.

How do you interact with your friends?

My job is such that I don’t get much time to meet my friends in the real world. But, I do make up for it by online communication, either on social media sites or using mail. I do prefer interacting with people and friends offline, but I think interacting online is a little more easier.


IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Reading

When preparing for IELTS , you must have read a lot of things, starting from newspapers to magazines to novels. So, it is very likely that questions related to reading be asked to you in the first section of speaking. Let us have a look at some of the possible questions related to reading.

Which do you prefer reading, newspapers or magazines?

I prefer reading newspapers when compared to magazines. Magazines are usually very topic centric, so for instance if I pick up a political magazine it will have all articles related to politics, if it is a fashion magazine, it has every thing related to fashion and nothing else. Newspapers on the other hand, give news related to all the topics taking place at that moment. So, for instance today’s newspaper will have all the issues covered that happened yesterday. I think it makes me more enlightened as compared to magazines.

What type of stories do you like to read about?

I prefer reading true stories, like a story about Mahatma Gandhi or Malala. It could be even the story of an incident or anything else, something that has truly happened, knowing about it makes me feel good. So, you would usually find me reading a non-fiction or an autobiography.

Do you think reading a magazine or a newspaper can help learn a language?

Well, it could be if one has external sources as well. For instance, if you lock me in a room with newspapers full of mandarin, I am not going to make sense out of it, because I don’t know anything about it. However, if one has some way, may be a Internet or a teacher, magazines or newspapers can surely help to a certain extent in learning the language.

Why do you think some people prefer magazines to newspapers?

I think, people prefer magazines because they are very subject oriented. So, a person interested in politics need not to juggle around the entire newspaper to find news or articles related to it. One can simply buy a magazine of politics and enjoy it.


IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Education

It is quite possible that you will get asked about the education you took, in IELTS speaking. So, let us have a look at some of the possible answers for the IELTS speaking questions on education.

Describe your education.

I have completed my education from different places, because of my father’s shifting jobs. My play school study is from Haldwani after which we shifted our base to Almora. I have studied for an year in Maharshi Vidya Mandir school in Almora after which we moved to Lucknow. It is Lucknow that we stayed for six years and I did my primary education. On completing class 6, my father got transferred to Obra, wherein I studied till class tenth. After tenth, I came to Dehradun to finish off my Intermediate and graduation. I have always went to CBSE schools and I think moving to several places has helped me in more flexible while going new places.

What kind of school did you go as a child?

I have always gone to co-ed schools, right from primary to intermediate and it has helped me to be more comfortable while interacting with opposite sex.

What was your favorite subject as a child?

I loved English as young and I still love it. Those English literature stories have always aroused interest in me and made me read them more. I started writing when I was in class IX and too an extent I think it was my love towards English that has helped me shape my career.

Who was your favorite teacher?

My favorite teachers have changed over a period of time. However, I remember Swatantra Sir because of his deep faith in me. He was one of the teachers who asked me to improve on my English and take part in different activities. I remember him giving all of us lot of advises on how to live a better life.

What is the education system like in your country?

Our country follows the British education system, so it is mostly revolving around lot of research work instead of practical. However, in recent times, with coming of Internet and smart classes, there has been a considerable shift towards practical, although it still remains research oriented at the fundamental level.

Do you think your country has effective education system?

Too an extent it is effective. So, when talking about the education provided till class 12th, it is great. But, when it goes on to higher education, I think it does lack, in a sense that it is only the best colleges that have good facilities and getting into them is quite tough, because of seat limitations. I think if some how either the number of seats to good colleges be increased or better facilities are provided to other colleges, we can hope things get better.

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