IELTS ESSAY: Discuss different views about change

Writing task 2:

IELTS Essay : Discuss different views about change


You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:
Some people resist changes in their lives while others think that change is an integral part of life.
Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge.

Write at least 250 words.

IELTS Essay: Discuss different views about change

Sample Answer:

Change has been an inevitable part of our lives. Some people prefer to stick to their old ways and leisure in their shields while some of them explore the altitudes and minds and come out as enlightened ones. I’m going to discuss both points of view in this essay.
There are many reasons why people feel the need to make prominent changes in their lives. With new situations comes new opportunities to explore and learn new things. This instills the lost confidence about oneself and makes one motivated. In addition, changes force people to be flexible and adaptable, which in turn promotes their personal and professional growth.
On the other hand, some people do not appreciate change so much. One key reason behind this view is that they become too comfortable in their own situations. The fear that changes can turn their lives upside down does not permit them to try something new. Their previous experiences of failure can also resist them from accepting any changes.

To conclude, there are no easy answers to this question. On balance, however, I tend to believe that change is a big necessity for anyone who wishes to have an interesting and fulfilling life. Certainly, embracing changes is a challenge but we should accept them.

(211 Words)

IELTS Essay: Discuss different views about change

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IELTS Essay: People get judged on the basis of social status. To what extent do you agree

IELTS Writing Task-2 Essay

People get judged on the basis of social status. to what extent do you agree.
A person’s worth nowadays seems to be judged according to social status and material possessions. Old-fashioned values, such as honour, kindness and trust, no longer seem important.
To what extent do you agree or disagree.

Sample Answer

Expensive cars, luxurious life-style and hefty amount of money help rich people to get extra attention at every place. It is evident that people these days get judged on the basis of their wealth. Although the rich attain some uncommonly privileges, it is not true that other moral values are losing their significance in our lives.

Certainly, money plays an important role to categorise the status of people. Most rich people get extra consideration because of their possession of expensive items. Most of the time their display of abundance of possessions like big mansions, branded cars and boasting about holiday in foreign countries make others envy of them. Nevertheless, many of them get into lime light for some of their nefarious activities as well. Divorce, over-indulging in alcohol and bad relationships always make them talk of the town.

Undoubtedly, humanity is the back bone of any society. Survival for a long period of time will not be possible without trusting each other and showing kindness to others. A large group of people are still following basic old-fashioned values to form friendships and maintaining relationships. Trust and unconditional love are still considered as important aspects to deal with people, prospering harmony among them.

To conclude, there is no denying that we live in a materialistic world where society judge any one on the basis of their social status. Looking beyond the materialistic possessions, however, there are people who are the safeguards of humanity. Keeping our old beliefs and values alive among us.

(251 words)

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IELTS WRITING TASK-2 ESSAY: Privatization of health care centers.

IELTS Writing Task-2 Essay

Privatization of health care centers.

Some argue that good health is the basic human need, so medical service should not be run by profit-making companies. Do you think the disadvantages of the private health care outweigh the advantages?

Sample Answer

Healthy people make a healthy society. Both government and private sector are responsible for providing health care facilities. Although many people argue that medical facilities should be given to private companies to handle, I am not in favor that the drawbacks of privatization of medical departments outrank the benefits.

To begin with, the opponents of private hospitals may argue that these are money oriented organisations and their main motive is to earn money by all means. Certainly, health should not be taken care by those people whose main motive is financial gain only. Secondly, these days modern private hospitals are not less than any four or five star hotels. They cater all the luxurious needs of well-off patients. These expensive hospitals and their high class treatments are meant for the rich only. Moreover, private health centers charge a hefty amount that cannot be borne by poor easily.

On the other side, all the governments have to rely on private sector in all major domains such as education, banking and healthcare etc. Considering the increasing number of people who need medical care, privatization of medical sector has become a social demand. First and foremost, private hospitals are providing services almost everywhere. This has been a boon to many people who live in remote areas. Private hospitals have emerged as a life saver for many valuable lives. Another reason is the treatment in private healthcare facilities is quicker than the public hospitals. Furthermore, it has also been seen that the hospitals run by the government lack many facilities. In comparison, private units are fully equipped and efficient service is ensured.

To sum up, privatization of health care is necessary for the betterment of society. However, the government should implement some strict rules and regulations to control the unnecessary demands of private hospitals.

(300 words).

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Few points to improve your formal writing pattern 👍👍

Few points to improve your formal writing pattern
  • Avoid using short forms like govt. for government, pvt. for private and no. for number
  • Take care of necessary punctuation, if it requires to take a short pause in writing and connectors like, however, moreover, first etc are need to be segregated then we use comma p(,).
  • If demand of the sentence is to take a long pause then we put semi colon (;).
  • Avoid using slangs like chicks for girls and dude for a boy.
  • We do not use informal language as well as contractions in IELTS writing exam like don’t for do not and can’t for cannot.
  • Concentrate on hyphenated words. For example, words like well, self and co generally attract a hyphen.
  • In IELTS writing exam there is no scope for spelling errors. With every spelling error you lose your marks. Don’t forget to check your spellings carefully while revising your essay.
  • Variety of words. In IELTS writing variety of words plays a very important role as it helps you to rewrite your ideas without repetition.
  • Sentence structure: – A good sentence structure is a key to get good score in IELTS writing. Use a wide range of grammatical structures such as Active, Passive, Complex verbs structure.
  • Grammatical accuracy: – A good command of grammar helps you to have more grammatically accurate sentences.



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