CUE CARD – Describe a course that impressed you a lot.

Speaking -Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a course that impressed you a lot.

  • What the course was about?
  • Where did you take the course?
  • What all did you learn during the course?
  • And explain why it impressed you a lot?
Sample Answer

In order to stand out from the crowd one has to keep upgrading their skills. Especially, in this modern epoch where cutthroat competition has become a vital aspect of people’s live. So to enhance my skillset, last year I enrolled myself into an art course.
The name of the institute was Minerva Painting Classes which was one of the renowned institutes of my city. It had various art courses to offer like sketching classes, oil painting or drawing courses and painting courses. Since childhood, I had a keen interest in painting so I went for the painting course which was for a month.
Throughout the course, I learned various painting techniques. The course provided a foundation in visual arts concepts with an emphasis on the elements of art and principles of design. My trainer was really experienced and motivating. After the course, the evaluation was conducted on the basis of efforts done by students, which I cleared with flying colors.
The course impressed me because it led to paradigm shift in my life, I felt rejuvenated after attending the course. It was a self-discovery program which helped me in developing my artistic voice. Especially the way it was delivered.

Ayushi Rawat


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