IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Describe a plant, flower or tree that you like?


IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

Describe a plant, flower or tree that you like.

  • What type of plant, flower or tree is it?
  • Where does it grow, or is usually seen?
  • When did you first see it and why do you like it?
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Sample answer

Nature and its biodiversity have given us so many beautiful plants and trees of different kinds. These bear beautiful flowers, and delicious fruits and vegetables. I find all of this greenery around me to be very attractive and I like it very much. One of these is the rose flower, that I like the most. It is a perennial flower that grows on a woody plant. Highly abundant, this flower is found all over the world. It has many varieties in different colours.

Its beauty and intricate design have led to its use as an ornamental plant. Apart from that, it has a sweet and pleasing scent and has various uses. People use it for decorations, in bouquets, and for making perfumes. Also used in the making of food, drinks, and medicine, it is a highly beneficial plant.

Actually, I first saw it as a child, when I went to a rose garden with different rose varieties blooming in one place. A highly intriguing sight, these flowers enchanted me with their charm and pleasant smell and I was lost into this picturesque sight. As I grew older I found that it is also considered as a physical representation of love, and used in the art for many years. Hence, I have started liking the rose flower very much since then.

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