IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Describe a plant, flower or tree that you like?


IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

Describe a plant, flower or tree that you like.

  • What type of plant, flower or tree is it?
  • Where does it grow, or is usually seen?
  • When did you first see it and why do you like it?
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Sample answer

Nature and its biodiversity have given us so many beautiful plants and trees of different kinds. These bear beautiful flowers, and delicious fruits and vegetables. I find all of this greenery around me to be very attractive and I like it very much. One of these is the rose flower, that I like the most. It is a perennial flower that grows on a woody plant. Highly abundant, this flower is found all over the world. It has many varieties in different colours.

Its beauty and intricate design have led to its use as an ornamental plant. Apart from that, it has a sweet and pleasing scent and has various uses. People use it for decorations, in bouquets, and for making perfumes. Also used in the making of food, drinks, and medicine, it is a highly beneficial plant.

Actually, I first saw it as a child, when I went to a rose garden with different rose varieties blooming in one place. A highly intriguing sight, these flowers enchanted me with their charm and pleasant smell and I was lost into this picturesque sight. As I grew older I found that it is also considered as a physical representation of love, and used in the art for many years. Hence, I have started liking the rose flower very much since then.

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IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Describe your favorite season in your country.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

Describe your favorite season in your country.

  • Which is the season?
  • What is the weather like during this season?
  • How is this season different from other seasons?
  • What activities do you usually do during the season?
  • Why is it your favourite season?
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Sample Answer

India is a highly diverse country with many geographical features, and corresponding climate conditions. We enjoy four main seasons here namely summer, autumn, winter, and spring. These have different intensities all over the country. I have lived in various parts of the country and experienced all the seasons in these places. I now live in the northern region and my city is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas.

While the summers here are very short, winters can be very harsh and cold. Coming to my favorite season, it is the winter season. It lasts from November to February, and the weather is very soothing, pleasing, and dry, unlike the boiling heat of the summers. I love it due to various reasons. This season brings along with it many seasonal fruits and vegetables that I like to eat. Mostly, my choice of clothes includes long overcoats, trench coats, and woolens, which are worn during this season. There is a lot you can do to enjoy this time of the year. I love playing in the snow and taking long walks on cold winter evenings.

I love riding or driving out in the mountains to distant cold places during this season as well. The cold is very soothing and makes me feel comfortable, unlike the summers which make me sweat a lot. I like sitting outdoors with a bonfire and a cup of hot tea or coffee to read or write, which is my favorite activity, and one of the reasons why I look forward to this season of the year.

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Vocabulary For IELTS # Newspaper

Vocabulary plays a very important role in IELTS and if you want to score high in IELTS it is very important that you have a wide range of vocabulary. Let us have a look at the vocabulary related to newspapers and can be used for talking and writing about newspapers.



Q. How often do you read a newspaper?

A. I read a newspaper every day in the morning.

Q.Why do you think some people like reading newspapers?

A. Some people like reading newspapers as they have a passion for reading, as well as reading. They also like gaining knowledge about current affairs and then discussing them.

Q.Which other sources can people use to find out about the latest news?

There are sources such as television, smartphones, internet, and conversations with other people that can provide one with the news.

Q.Do you think that it’s important to know about news from other countries? Why / why not?

Yes, because it helps us to be updated with world affairs and gives us ideas on the life of people from other countries.

Types of newspapers

Tabloids Gossip newspapers
Broadsheets Newspapers printed on large sheets which are considered to be serious
Daily newspaper Papers printed daily
Weekly newspapers Papers printed on a weekly basis
Monthly newspapers Papers printed on a monthly basis
Quarterly newspapers Newspapers printed once every three months
Heavy newspapers A newspaper with serious content
Gutter press Newspapers which focus on sensational journalism, often about famous people
Periodical A newspaper or magazine published at regular intervals
 Local/Regional newspaper  A newspaper which contains news from a particular area.
 National newspaper A newspaper which contains news about the entire nation.


Headlines Heading or title appearing at the top of the page or article.
Columns News that is printed in vertical columns rather than horizontally
Obituaries This is a section in the newspaper for the people who have recently died
Horoscope This is the section of the newspaper that talks about the zodiac signs and sun signs
Weather report A weather report is that part of the newspaper about the weather.
Business section A section in the newspaper with business news
Opinion piece An opinion piece is an article that mainly reflects the author’s opinion about the subject.

Sports section A section in the newspaper with sports news

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Describe something you want to buy but can’t afford.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Describe something you want to buy but can’t afford.
  • What is it?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Why can’t you afford it?
  • What is the other way you can acquire it?
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Sample answer:

Every one of us has some dreams in our lives regarding materialistic things. We always keep on adding something or the other to our wish list. Sometimes we are limited by financial issues and have to wait to acquire them. I have always had different things that have been added to my wish list. One of those things is a solar panel setup for my home, which can power up the lights and heat the water supply.

It is a very good set up that is not only highly cost-effective but also environment-friendly. I went to a nearby shop to inquire about the details about the cost and the setup. I was told that it would cost me one hundred thousand Indian rupees to get the set up installed on the roof of my house.

Actually, I cannot afford this much amount right now as I have spent all my savings to buy a car two months ago. Due to this reason, I would have to wait for some time and save more money to buy the solar panel setup.

However, there is another way that I can choose to acquire it. I can purchase it on a minimal down payment and get a loan that I can pay off in monthly instalments later. But I would most preferably avoid this choice due to the fact that it would become a tiresome responsibility to set apart the instalment amount every month. Not to mention the extra amount that I would have to spend upon the loan interest. Hence, I have decided to wait for some time and purchase it at a later point.

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