Sales In Random Stores # Pie Chart

The pie chart shows the number of sales of two different random stores in India for the quarter of year 2012.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, make comparisons where relevant.








The pie chart compares the number of sales of nine different products of two different random stores in India, for the quarter of the year 2012.

Overall, it can be seen that stationery was the major selling product in both the stores, while curd was one of the least sold for the quarter. Although the sales of different products remained almost similar in store A, major disparities in the sales were observed in store B. Beauty products were sold the least in store A whereas it was the major selling product in store B bread. In addition,  butter and vegetables showed opposite trends.

In detail, in store A, vegetables, stationery, bread and soft drink were bought the most. Apart from these, medicines, chocolates and butter shared almost equal sales with beauty products being sold the least.

For store B, the major selling products were stationery and beauty. Soft drink, and chocolates had almost equal sales with bread being the next most sold item. Other than these items, butter, curd, vegetables and medicines also had their share in being bought.



Understanding Graphs – 1

To explain graph properly, it is very important to understand the different types of graphs that come in IELTS. I know you must have heard of pie chart, line graph, tables, but let us have a look at the graphs from a new perspective.

  1. Static Graphs
  2. Dynamic Graphs

Static Graphs – These are the graphs that show data over a certain period of time.

Dynamic Graphs- These are the graphs that show data over a period of time.

Let us have a look at each type of the graph.

Dynamic Graphs –

The graph below shows the percentage of Ontario adults, exceeding cancer prevention recommendations for alcohol consumption, from 2003 to 2012.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relative.

Write at least 150 words.

Percentage Of Adults

Percentage Of Adults

As you can see, the graph is dynamic because it shows data over a period of time. We should therefore look at the general trend over the time period.

First we need to look at what happened to both the lines from the start to the end. We can see that the green line decreased a bit, while the orange line increased little. Now, let us have a look at both the lines separately. The green line increases till 2005 and then decreases till 2009, finally lowering at 2012.The orange line increases till 2007, decreases till 2009 and then increases till 2012.

These are the most striking or most obvious things we can see when first looking at the graph and these are perfect for our overview.

Let’s put this information into a sentence:

Over the entire period of time, number of males and females, exceeding cancer prevention, showed opposite trends. Females saw a steady increase till 2007 before declining till 2009 and then marking an overall increase. While, percentage of males rocketed, reaching highest point in 2005, before ending up at a decrease in 2012.

When we are looking at dynamic graphs we should be looking out for:

  • What does the data do from the start to the finish?
  • Do they generally go up or down or do they fluctuate?
  • Any significant difference from the general trend?
  • Overall increase/decrease?
  • Peaks/lows?


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