What Is Speaking Section?


Speaking section takes place in the first part of the IELTS. This section is common for both the general as well as the academic aspirants. Similar questions are asked to both of them and wraps up in at most five minutes. It starts with introduction. First, the examiner introduces himself/herself and then asks for your introduction. Questions concerning you are asked in this section. They are usually about your growing days? Or may about your academics or your family? There may be some queries regarding your favorite sports or food ? Questions about your work also pop up.
Now, what does the examiner looks for, while asking these questions?

  1. FLUENCY-: What the examiner is trying to find out here is whether you can make some effective conversations or not. So, avoid doing “umm” or “aaaa” while speaking. When the examiner checks for your fluency they also check whether you start from some topic and end in there or you wander.
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Difference Between The Band Scores For The Speaking Test

Difference between the band scores for the Speaking test:

Speaking Band 5.0

The candidate tries to keep the speech flowing but their hesitation gets in the way.

Speaking Band 5.5

The candidate gives short answers, is not willing to talk at length.

Speaking Band 6

The candidate is willing to talk at length, not always directly answering the question.

Speaking Band 6.5

The candidate can talk at length without much hesitation or repetition.

Speaking Band 7

The candidate speaks smoothly without much effort.

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Improve your Speaking IELTS score

Mouth position means whether your mouth is open or closed most of the time when you speak (whether your jaws, upper and lower teeth, are close together or wide apart).
Many people automatically use the mouth position typical to their first language when speaking English and it makes their speech harder to understand. The reason we’re bringing this up is that once you know what affects your pronunciation, you can work on it, and thus improve your Speaking IELTS score.

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IELTS Speaking Tip – Body Language

IELTS Speaking Tip – Body Language

While body language will not give you extra marks directly, they can have a positive effect on your confidence and what you’re communicating during the exam.

Students who use it properly often have better control of their pronunciation in terms of speed, intonation, and volume level. It makes everything much easier to understand from the point of view of the listener.

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