Music # Speaking Section

Music has become one of the most flourishing industry in recent times. with the coming of smart phones and Internet, mostly people are listening to songs, either while traveling or while taking a break. Considering this, in IELTS, often in first part, question related to music are asked. Today we will look at some of the possible answers. Remember, the answers depend on a individual and can vary.

  1. Do you like music?

Yes, I do love to listen music.

2. What kind of music do you like?

Well, I don’t have a particular taste in that. I usually go for the lyrics. The one I feel connected to, I add it in my play list. It could be either pop or rock or contemprory or any other. Although there are some which have great beats, I do listen to them as well.

3. When do you usually listen to music?

Music to me is like a way of relaxing.  I usually listen while I am going back from work or after doing something tiring.I even sometimes hear it while cooking or doing something trivial.

4. What kind of music did you like when you were younger?

As a young kid, I never followed music, as in I never thought much as to what new album is coming. I usually listened to the ones that came on Television or the ones that were part of a movie.

5. What kind of music is popular in your country?

I think every individual has his/her own tastes in music. The elder generation of my country still prefers the music from their times, however they also tend to like the new Bollywood songs. The younger generation is much more global. They have access to Internet and so they usually look forward to listening the songs by international artist. However, I think the Bollywood songs are loved and enjoyed by everyone in our country.

6. Do you play any musical instrument?

um-mm. I do play guitar sometimes and I know some songs that I usually play. However, I am not a expertise in it, I usually play it when I am stressed out.

7. Which is your favorite musical instrument?

I like guitar a lot. I think it gives me a feel of a rockstar. Even more, the strings of the guitar and the changes we can make just by placing fingers on different parts of the strings really excites me.


IELTS Speaking Sample Section # Tourism

The discussion part of the speaking section consist of questions that are a follow up of the questions asked in the cue card.

For today, let us have a look at some of the questions of the discussion part of the speaking section.

  1. What are some of the best places to visit in your country?Every country has some exciting places to visit. These places could be either of historical importance or may be simply for tourist attraction. My country is often termed as the land of temples. So, we have some great temples to visit. Khajuraho temple in Madhya Pradesh, Somnath temple in gujrat, Kashi vishwanath in Varanasi are some of the great places to visit. Apart from temples, we also have Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Elephanta Caves, India Gate. They all have their own importance and attract a large number of tourists
  2. Is there any historical importance associated with them? What is it?

Yes, they surely have. Taj Mahal was built by Shah jahan for his wife and is a epitome of love in our country. Kashi vishwanath is considered to have a very old history and it is all the way more important because it is Kashi, considered the most sacred place in country. India Gate is a memorial of the 80,000 soldiers that were killed in the First World War. I think every place has its own history and it makes it all the way more exciting to visit.

3. Is there any place in your country that is beautiful but not given that much importance?

India is a large country and has rich culture within it. So, it often happens that there are some places that are beautiful but do not get noticed. One such place is DanushKodi. It got vanished because of cyclone and is now called the ghost city. However, this place has one of the best beaches our country has.

Note-: The answers could vary depending on the country you live in.


Related To Friends # Speaking Section

Friends, undoubtedly play a very important role in an individuals life. Most of the times, a person is known by the company that he/she keeps. Keeping this in mind, IELTS speaking part I often consists of questions related to friends or friendship. Now, it is very rare that a person has no friends. However, it sometimes so happens that one does not thinks a lot about friendship in question/answer form.

To make you think that way and answer questions properly in IELTS Speaking section, here are some of the questions that can be asked in Part I.

  1. How do you mostly connect with your friends?

Friends surely play a very important role  in my life. Because of the double jobs that I have, I get less time for my friends, however, I make sure that whenever I have time  I do meet them. I usually don’t like connecting on phones or internet, I prefer meeting in personal. So, whenever we have to meet, we usually go out travelling or to our favorite spots. There are few friends who are far away, so we stay connected through digital medium.

2. Are friends as important for you as family?

Friends do play a important role in my life. I,however, don’t compare the two relationships. They are both equally important for me.

3. Do you think friendship changes with time?

I think certain changes do take place in friendships with time, and I think that happens with every relationship. But, in the end it all depends on us. I do have some friends from the time I was a kid and there are some who are no more my friends whom I just met a year ago. So, for me I guess it all depends on the bond we share. Other things can always be taken care of.


Related To Travel # Speaking Section

Travel is something most of the people prefer to do. And it also is one of the most common questions asked in IELTS. This topic usually comes in the PART I of the speaking section. Now, it might be possible that you do not travel a lot or may be you do not like it much, but it is not possible that you haven’t ever traveled in your life. So, when asked about it, don’t say that O! travel, I don’t like it much. Try to be more positive and answer in a way that neither sounds fake nor a lie.

Given below are some of the questions that could be asked in PART I of the speaking section.

1. Do you think that travel broadens the mind?

I think yes. Going to new places and visiting new people, surely opens a new perspective of things. You get to know different opinions, may be different from yours, see new places and find out the order of doing things, that is different from yours. This allows not only to understand other cultures but also makes us more familiar with our own culture.

2. Do you think young and old people benefit from travelling together?

Well, we are living in one of the most competitive times and we all are busy. It so happens that we don’t get time to spend with the old members of our family. Travelling with them, surely rejuvenates us and also helps us to know them better. The elder generation surely more experiences and interesting stories to tell, the younger ones have new ways of doing things. Exchanging opinions with each other while travelling, helps in creating stronger bonds and even helps in taking a break from the rush we are living.

3. How do you travel to school or college?

Well, there are different means of transports available I usually prefer my college bus to travel to college. It is fast and cheap and even more I get to travel with my friends and also make some new.



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