IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # You

Speaking section consist of three sections, the first is the one in which questions related to you are asked. Let us have a look at some of the possible questions of the IELTS speaking module.

Tell me something about yourself.

My name is Anish and I belong to Almora, a city in Uttarakhand, a state in north India. My name is a Sanskrit word meaning Supreme and too an extent I believe that I go with my name. Not in a sense that I assume myself to be the best, but I try to give my best in whatever I do. The reason I am taking IELTS exam is because I wanted to further with my career and do a course on Journalism from Australia.

What do you do for living?

Presently, I am working with Fox Traveller as a host for their show that involves travelling around India and discovering its culture and people. We already have covered the southern part of India and now we shall be moving towards the eastern part. The show will go on air in January next year.

What do you do in your leisure time?

Well, during my leisure time, I usually read novels or go back home to spend time with my family. Usually my schedule is such that I am either travelling or doing some kind of activity with people around, so I prefer going back home and spending time with my family. Other than these, I often write in my blog to share my state of mind.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I think I would have completed my journalism by that time and most probably would be doing something of my own. May be a company that provides education and other facilities to children who don’t get it. I think good education is every child’s right, however sadly some people stay deprived of it. My dream is to open a company that could provide quality education to people who can’t afford it other wise.

Describe your educational background.

I have completed my class tenth from Obra, near Varanasi and then shifted my grounds to Dehradun wherein I did my Inter college and Bachelors in Technology from Information Technology.

Describe the place where you belong to.

I belong to Almora, a town in Uttarakhand, a state in Northern India. Almora is a hill station and attracts lots of tourist from all over the world. It has some great temples with lot of significance. You can actually see Himalayas from Almora and it is almost breathtaking. Almora is famous for its rich cultural heritage, unique handicrafts, sumptuous cuisine and magnificent wildlife, coupled with an easy accessibility. According to me it is a must see place in India.


IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Family

The first section of IELTS speaking consist of questions that are related to you. Let us have a look at some of the possible answers for the questions related to family.

Describe your family.

I live in a nuclear family, with my parents and a younger brother. My father is an engineer and lives in Aligarh whereas my mother is a home maker. My brother is currently doing his Bachelors in technology in Electronic Communication from Dwarahat.

How much time do you spend with your family?

I really love spending time with my family, however, my present job, which is a host for a show with fox traveler, requires me to travel a lot, so I am not able spend that much time with them. However, whenever I do get time I either call them to wherever I am or go to meet them at home.

What is your personal contribution to your family?

Towards my family, I make sure that I spend at least 2 days a month with my parents and my brother. So, most of the time we all make plans to make sure that we do spend those two days together, no matter where we are. Other than this, I give 5% of whatever my earnings are to my family.

What type of task do you do to assist your family members?

Well, most of the time I am doing the work that requires me to move out of house, like paying bills, buying grocery or going to bank.

Whom do you like most in your family? Why?

I love both my parents a lot. For me, nothing comes before them, so they are the first priority. To an extent this is because, I believe that who I am now is because of them. They have supported me through the toughest phase of my life and have enjoyed every moment of my success with me. They have given me so much that I don’t even find myself capable enough to say that I will return your love. So, for sure they are the ones that I love the most.

IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Clothes

Clothes are something every individual is aware of and wears. Therefore, the questions related to it are asked in the first section of the speaking, although some of them can even be asked in the follow up questions. For now, let us have a look at some of the questions related to clothes that can be asked in Part I

Are clothes and clothing fashion important for you?

Well, too an extent they are important, I like to wear clothes that suit my personality, however I don’t always go after the latest fashion or trend. For me, clothes are a way of representing myself, and I tend to choose likely.

What different clothes do you wear for different occasions?

I am a travel host, so in my job, I wear the clothes that symbolize the place that we are presently shooting. Like if we are in Southern India, I am more likely to wear, ghagra choli or a sari. However, apart from that, I am most likely to wear casual clothes in daily life.


Do you wear different kinds of clothes as compared to ten years from now?

Surely, yes. The trend has completely changed, although at basic level I wear the same kind. Like ten years back I wore plain jeans, now I am more likely to wear a rugged jeans.

Do you think the clothes we wear say something about us?

Yes, of course. I think it expresses the person’s personality too an extent. So, like a person wearing bright clothes tends to be more extrovert as compared to the one wearing mild clothes.


IELTS Speaking Sample Answers # Studies

Given below are questions that can be asked in the section 3 of the IELTS speaking. The questions are related to the future prospects of the studies you are going to take.

Do you think there will be any major changes in your field of study over the next few years?

Yes, the subject Computer Science by its nature is very changing. New technologies come in day and out and one never knows which one is likely to stay. With advent of new software, hardware and new algorithms popping in every minute, chances are very high that there will be changes.

For instance, the data security, search mechanism, encryptions are very core subjects of Computer Science and they are changing very fast. It is not unlikely that new computing concept would emerge and that would be included in my field of study.

How do you think an overseas degree will improve your professional skills?

The reason I am planning for an overseas degree is the fantastic teachers and the syllabus the overseas university provide. Even more, syllabus is updated as compared to our country. The foreign universities, especially universities of first world countries, are renowned for their professionalism, study environment and facilities to learn better skills. I am sure I would be able to take advantages of these facilities and would be able to learn more.

What do you intend to do once you have finished your studies?

I will get my admitted in Masters course in next few months and after I finish my studies, I am likely to join either an organisation or open my own in order to make positive change in my country. There are several issues in my country and I wish to use my studies to have a positive impact on my country.


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