What Is In Singapore?

There are many who do what everyone else does, go where everyone else goes, dream like every one else does, works as everyone else does, and when the story is over, complain that they are just like everyone else and there is nothing unique about them. If you are one of them, I suggest don’t read further, because no matter what I say you would end up becoming like everyone else. But if you are someone who wants to chart out their own path, figure out things for themselves have a unique plan and a blueprint, this is something for you.
Are you planning to study abroad? Well, there is America, Australia and United Kingdom. And then there is Singapore. A place often neglected by many while planning to study abroad, but you being different can always think about it. But what is in Singapore?
Singapore has several competitive advantages that position it well as a global education hub. These include:

  • The strategic geographical location
  • Reputation for educational excellence
  • Vibrant business hub
  • Safe and Cosmopolitan environment

With about 80,000 international students Singapore has a unique multicultural experience. It has been ranked as one of the best student cities due to its safe environment, afford-ability and the superiority of education.
Singapore being a young country has many religions, languages and cultures. Something a student from abroad would love to learn.
So, go on discover more about Singapore. Figure out if there is a university and course that fits into your idea of life. And remember, just because you have heard less of something doesn’t mean it is less important.


The World’s Best Law Schools

Are you one of those who is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi or Barrack Obama? Do you feel that you also have the potential to handle a country?Do you want to help people? In short, Do you want to study law? And study it from the world’s best law schools?
well, if you are one of those for whom there is no room for mediocrity, given below are the ten

World’s best law schools


  1. Harvard University
  2. University Of Cambridge
  3. University Of Oxford
  4. Yale University
  5. World's Best Law Schools

    World’s Best Law Schools

  6. New York University
  7. Stanford University
  8. London School Of Economics
  9. The University Of Melbourne
  10. University Of California, Berkeley
  11. Columbia University

Remember, it does not matter whether you are standing on an empty space, or caught inside a pit, all that matters is are you looking towards the stars?


Study Economics In Britain

Is economics something that sends chills down your spine? Does it really bothers you? Are you interested in studying economics, knowing how things work, may be make a change? Are you interested in studying abroad? Study Economics in Britain?Do you want to have an advantage over others in the knowledge of economics?
Well if you are one of them, if you are passionate about following your heart, fulfilling your dreams, have a quick look at the best British universities to study economics:

  1. Oxford University-: The economics department of Oxford University has some of the most distinguished economist and is the leading economics institute in the world.
  2. Warwick University-: The economics department of this university has been regarded as one of the best in UK and Europe. It has about 1200 undergraduate students while 330 post graduate students amongst which 50% are from UK and 50% are international students.
  3. Cambridge University-: The economics course in Cambridge University provides a in-depth knowledge of the core economics. The best part is that after studying two years of economics you can even try out with a new course and do it in addition.
  4. Surrey University-: This university enjoys an international reputation with its economics course being ranked fourth in the UK. The teaching is such that you are supposed to give your own ideas and talk it out making study very exciting.
  5. Herriot-Watt University-: The economics pro gramme of this university is highly rated in league tables and student satisfaction making it a really joyful university to study in.
  6. Leeds University-: It is one of the highest and the biggest university in UK with offices in South Asia to provide you the information about the University.
  7. Coventry University
  8. University College London(UCL)
  9. Kent University
  10. Durham University
  11. Portsmouth University
  12. UEA
  13. London School Of Economics
  14. Bristol University
  15. Aston University
  16. Strathclyde University
  17. Oxford Brookes
  18. Nottingham
  19. Lancaster

  20. Queen Mary

Life is like a restaurant, you will get what you deserve. The more the money (knowledge) the better the facilities( options).


Be In The Race

Don’t worry about whether you will get a band 8 or 7 or 9 in IELTS, as long as you were in the race, you haven’t lost. read more and find out what does it means to be in a race.

The three Rs
Sentence-: you need to be efficient with the three Rs to succeed in life.
Meaning-: reading,w(r)iting, and a(r)ithmetic, regarded as the fundamentals of elementary education
Pull a rabbit out of the hat
Sentence-: the people often at the lower level of government tend to pull the rabbit out of the hat.
Meaning-: used to describe an action that is fortuitous, and may involve sleight of hand or deception
Work the rabbit’s foot on
Sentence-: If you work the rabbit’s foot on don’t expect to have honest people coming your way.
Meaning-: cheat or trick
Be in the race
Sentence-: winning or losing is one aspect, but what is more important is, were you in the race.
Meaning-: have a chance of success

A race against time
Sentence-: often people who race against time are the ones who succeed, more than the ones who just know how to blame time.
Meaning-: a situation in which someone attempts to do or complete something before a particular time or before something else happens

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