IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Weekend

Weekends or so to say Saturday and Sunday; the days that strike most to the corporate people. These are the days that people forget about their mundane routine and try to do something they are passionate about. This time we are looking at some sample speaking questions related to weekends.

How do you usually spend your weekends?

I work for an IT firm in my country and weekend is the time I have for my own interests. So, on weekends I usually go out and explore the city or write on my blogs. This is also the time I get for practising speeches and there is a dance class I have to attend. So, Saturday and Sunday usually goes on in extra curricular things that I have planned for myself.

In your country, do men and women usually do the same kind of things on weekend?

Generally speaking, men and women do have different interests in my country. However, with time I believe the line of difference has got blurred between men and women. It has become more of an individual approach. So, people from IT industry usually go out and meet people or do some activities like Toastmasters or any other club. Then there are others who go to a cafe or read books or travel.

When do you spend time with your family?

I live quite far from my family so spending time with them involves a lot of planning. It is usually twice a year that I get to spend some time with them. On daily basis, we simply talk on the phone or over a skype.

Do you have any plans for next weekend?

There are some weekends I do plan for but then most of the time times there is no plan. But the next weekend is something I planned for almost a month ago. There is a camera workshop that is happening in my city over the next weekend. It is organised by Canon for women and they will be teaching the nuances of photo taking.

Is there anything new that you’d like to do on weekends?

There are some weekends I wish to travel and click photographs and get to know about the city more. Also, I am planning to join dance classes over the weekend. Presently, I am living in Orrissa and want to leran the regional dance of the place.

Do you like working on weekends?

Well, if the work revolves around things that I love, like writing or photography then yes I do love working on weekends. It makes working for others so much more easier. But, doing things that I am doing on weekdays even on weeknds is something I try to avoid.

 Do you think employees should work on weekends?

We as individals are accountable first to ourselves and then towards others. So, working for teh company even on weekends is something I do not support. In my opinion, a person should work on himself or herself on weekends as it will help him or her to improve their personality.

 Do you feel that weekends now are more important to you than when you were a child?

Weekends for me have always been the source of entertainme me since childhood and I remember cherishing them for as long as I can go back down the memroy lane. They are important for me even now and so there is not much of a difference. However surley, an there is more of awareness on what differnet things  cna be doen on weekends.


IELTS Speaking Part I Sample Questions # Flower

Flowers are the beautiful part of our nature that make our life lively and worth living. Although there are some people allergic to flowers, most of us love them. Each one has their own favorites and enjoys gifting and being gifted flowers. This time we are looking at the part I sample questions on flowers.

Do you like to have flowers in your home?

I love flowers but I am elated about them. There is no art or life that I find in the scent of the roses neither my mind goes to an abstract mode with flowers. I do love them to an extent that if someone offers me flowers I feel happy about it.

Where would you go to buy flowers?

Earlier I used to go to floral shops to get flowers or get them from street vendors but now with technology coming into picture, I usually get flowers from ferns and petals or some other online shops.

On what occasions would you give someone flowers?

There could be various occasions where we can give flowers. I prefer on marriages and death ceremonies. Giving flowers on birthdays or when someone is sick is not my idea. I will preferably go with some personal gifts on birthdays and fruits when someone is sick.

Where can you see flowers in your country?

There are 29 states in my country and one can find almost a kind of flower which is each state’s speciality. But most people in our country like to grow flowers in their house. So, probably everyone does have a garden attached to their home. However, with space issues becoming prominent in major cities, people now have small pots where they grow flowers. Other than this, one can find them in gardens and parks or in any other monumental place.

Are flowers important in your culture?

Flowers do play an important role in our culture. For example, lotus symbolises wealth and divinity, knowledge and enlightenment. It is central in many yantra patterns and form part of many designs of decorations in more secular contexts. There are flowers like marigold which are considered auspicious in our country and are used in marriages. For festivals like Onam, people make rangoli from the propitious flowers like marigold.

What flowers have special meaning in your country?

There is a rich cultural heritage associated with my country. Flowers like marigold, lotus, crown flower, china rose are the ones which are very auspicious in the country and are used in every propitious thing. China rose is used for the worship of Durga. Sita Ashoka also has significance in our culture. It is believed that Sita sat under the Ashok tree when she was abducted by Ravana. There are many other flowers with significance and our country has some tale associated with most of the flowers.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Festival

Latest Cue Card

Describe a national festival in your country


  • when it takes place?
  • why it takes place?
  • what people do during that festival?
  • explain why this festival is important to you?



Sample Answer One

Our country is a secular nation where people of different religions live together. So, there are lots of festivals that people celebrate across the nation. But, I think Diwali is a festival that is celebrated all over India among people of different religions and customs.

Diwali is a festival of lights. Interestingly, its date depends on the Indian astrologers. But, normally, it is celebrated in the last week of October or the first week of November. This festival signifies the victory of the good over evil. The preparations and rituals typically extend over a five-day period, but the main festival night of Diwali coincides with the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu calendar month called Kartika.

It is believed that on this day, Rama, a Hindu god, came back to India after defeating Ravana, a demon. It was also the end of his 14 years of exile. Before Diwali, people clean, renovate and decorate their homes and offices. On that day, people dress up in new clothes or their best outfits and light up oil lamps made from clay inside and outside their homes. They participate in family prayers to Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

After prayers,  a family feast including delicious sweets begins. This is followed by fireworks and the exchange of gifts between family members and close friends. Diwali is important to me because it brings the whole family together. We are living in a world where people are migrating and have less time, but for us, no matter what the work is, no matter where we are Diwali means a Reunion. The entire family is together and we exchange talks and laughs together.

Sample Answer Two

India is a land of different cultures and people from all walks of life call it home. It has many traditions, customs, and different religions. Festivals are an important part of a religion as they give us reasons to celebrate and different festivals have different significances. Even though there are many different festivals which are celebrated with great joy and happiness in our country, my favorite festival is Christmas. It’s a Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ which falls on the 25th of December every year.

It’s that time of the year when the wind is cold and the woolen jackets are out. Schools are closed for winter break and the streets are lit up with lights of different colors. Luckily as I live in the northern part of the country I have been able to celebrate a few white Christmas over the course of years. My city has a lot of Anglo-Indian heritage so a lot of locals flock the church on Christmas Eve to light up a candle. It is beautiful to witness such communal harmony as the majority of the population in the city itself are Hindus.

It’s a great time for business and locals who work in the tourist sector as loads of tourist come to visit the nearby hill station. Shopping malls and local markets are filled with customers and plenty of attractive discounts are also available in these festive times. We celebrate with a traditional dinner at our home and all the friends and family gather to sing carols. Some great homemade wine is served to all those in attendance and we exchange presents with one another. In the end, it’s all about tradition and even though my entire family lives in different corners of the world, everyone manages to find the time and come home for Christmas to spend some great time with the loved ones. The spirit of Christmas brings us all together.

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