IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A visit to a quiet place

IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A visit to a quiet place

Describe a visit to a quiet place.
You should say:

  • Where the place is?
  • How you reached there?
  • What did you feel as you reach there?
  • Explain what you liked about the place?


Sample Answer

As I travel frequently, I was able to avail the opportunity to visit a quiet place in my country. I shall be discussing about this exotic place in detail as I found it to be extremely peaceful, soothing and serene. The place is located in Tawang which is in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal is also known as the Land of Rising Sun and is situated at the altitude of around 10000 feet.
One has to travel a long distance and it takes three days to reach there from Delhi. Initially I boarded a three hours flight from Delhi to reach Guwahati. Since there is no further flight connectivity, for further journey, I commenced my movement by road to reach midway by evening. Third day before dawn, I started again to reach my destination.
The very next day I decided to trek my way to a monastery as I was keen to witness its beauty. My friends who had visited Arunachal advised me to visit it.
The local name of the monastery is Gumpha and it is located at a Hill Top. There is a treacherous track to reach the place. As I reached there, I was thrilled by the solace which I found in this place. There was no other inhabitation and construction .A stream was flowing next to it which added to the beauty and splendor of that architectural masterpiece. I could hear the chirping birds and noise of breeze .I appreciated the Monastery’s peculiar pagoda kind of construction.
The atmosphere was full of warmth and had a magical affect on my mind. After spending three days I reached back rejuvenated and full of energy. The memories of this quaint place are still fresh in my mind.


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IELTS Cue Card #Someone gave you something you really wanted

IELTS Cue Card, Someone gave you something you really wanted

Describe when someone gave you something you really wanted

  • What it was
  • When you got it
  • How you got it
  • How you felt after receiving it


Sample Answer One

I am not used to getting presents as such. I am quite a big gamer to be honest and my Xbox was running on borrowed days. It would leave me fuming at times as it’ll hang in the middle of the game and at times, I am not even able to save the session before it turns off. I broke my Xbox and got bored of the Microsoft platform so I was looking to get the latest version of PS4. I did save some money and was looking for the best possible deals to get a new gaming device but budget constraints and student life made it quite difficult to own such a high end gadget.
As I said I am not used to receiving gifts so it has to be a very special occasion for one to spoil me. We share a special bond and she generally leaves the best of the surprises for my birthday. I was turning 22 just graduated out of college and about to move abroad for further studies. I wouldn’t be able to celebrate the next two birthdays with her due to study commitments so she thought of doing something special for me.
My sister must have heard the conversation I was having with my friend regarding it and decided to get me a PS4 on my birthday. Little did I know that I’ll be getting that as a present rather than buying it myself. I was reading and gathering information about it on a daily basis. I was looking for the best deals online and even arranged for some vouchers that I could have redeemed against the purchase.
I was over the moon. Happiness like that cannot be expressed in words. She went the extra yard to make my birthday so special and what was even more overwhelming was the manner in which she surprised me. My friend called me and asked me to get home as soon as possible. When I got home, I was surprised to see entire family and friends gathered together to celebrate my birthday. We had a great time together and danced all night to some great tunes. (360 Words)

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Sample Answer Two

Over the years I have garnered a long wish list consisting of a variety of enticing objects that have captured my attention. Ranging from collectible items and books to cars and motorcycles. It is a quite common phenomenon and I am sure to be ecstatic whenever I acquire any of these things.

There was this one time when I came to know about a new watch on the market. The watch had a lot of modern and rare features such as a barometer, a compass, and an altimeter. Made of tough materials, it also offered solar charging along with world time facility as well. I wanted it because I like going on trekking trips and taking walks in forest areas, and the features in this watch would help me a lot during such expeditions. Consequently, I looked around for it and I knew that I wanted it as soon as I set my eyes on it. So much so, that I printed out a picture and pasted it on my bedroom wall and in the meanwhile also started saving for it. One day my mother told me that my uncle was coming over to visit us in the upcoming month. I was ecstatic as he always came bearing gifts and adored me a lot. The time came and my uncle arrived at our home. He unpacked his bag and called me over, handing me a package.

Surely, I was surprised and tore it up to look inside. There it was, the watch of my dreams, packed neatly in the brand packaging. I really was very delighted upon receiving this watch as I like wearing watches and did not have one back then. I was very happy and I hugged my uncle while thanking him profusely.

word meaning
Garnered gather or collect. Example – The police failed to garner enough evidence against the suspect.
Phenomenon a fact or situation that happens. Example – Glaciers are interesting natural phenomena
Ecstatic feeling happiness or joy. Example – Ecstatic fans filled the stadium to see the match.
Profusely in large amounts. Example – The book is profusely illustrated with photos

(295 words)

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IELTS Speaking # Clothes You Like To Wear On Special Occasions

IELTS Speaking about Clothes

Clothing, also known as apparel, attire or clothes is a collective term for items worn on the body. Wearing clothes is restricted to human beings and is a feature of all human societies. The amount and type of clothing worn depend on body type, gender, social and geographical considerations. Apart from making us look and feel good, clothes also serve as a protection from harsh weather, insects, microbes and various human activities. Let us look at a cue card which asks us to talk about clothes that you wear on special occasions.

IELTS Cue Card # Clothes you like to wear on special occasions

  • What is it
  • On what occasion you wear this
  • Do other people wear the same dress on special occasions
  • Explain why you like to wear this dress.

saree, IELTS Speaking # Clothes You Like To Wear On Special Occasions, IELTS BAND7 DEHRADUN

Sample Answer:

Although I like to dress up casually on a day to day basis, I love to wear a sari for a social event, celebration or festivity. Saree is a female garment for the Indian subcontinent that consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards. It is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end hanging over the shoulder. It is one of the oldest and perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment of the past.
A majority of Indian women wear saree as a traditional dress which has a great cultural significance. Over the years it has not only become sensuous, glamorous all-time-wear for women , but also the canvas for printers and weavers to create artistic weaves, prints and jeweled embellishments. Saree is one of the most graceful dresses as it elegantly covers the entire body by showing natural curves in the most dignified way.
Whenever I wear a saree, I feel delicate and feminine. I particularly like the ones which are made of soft flowing materials as they are easy to drape. On festivals and other formal occasions I love to wear the traditionally woven silk sarees like Kantha, Baluchari and Paithani. These are sarees hand woven in different states of India. Each one of them has ethnic weaves typical of that region.
The best thing about sarees is that they never go out of fashion. What’s more, designers have come up with sarees with modern twist which are even easier to wear and handle. There are semi stitched versions available which can be draped in lesser time than the unstitched ones.

Follow Up Questions

Q1.Do you enjoy buying clothes?
Ans. Till a few years back, I loved shopping for clothes and other stuff with my friends. It was more of a fun day having a bit of shopping, sightseeing and spending quality time with loved ones. However, nowadays I prefer online shopping as it is less time consuming and cheaper than going personally to the shopping malls for purchasing garments. Also, there is a vast variety of clothes one can choose from these shopping websites.
Q2.What kinds of clothes you like to wear?
Ans. On a daily basis, I prefer getting dressed up in casual wear like jeans and T-shirt but for special occasions, I stick to formal wear like a saree or salwar suit. I believe that it’s really important to wear clothes according to the occasion so as to be a part of your social group.
Q3.What factors do you think affect the clothes we choose to wear?
Ans. I personally believe that there are many factors that determine our choice of clothes. Firstly, we purchase clothing according to our liking and comfort level. Then comes, the amount of money we want to spend while selecting our clothes for particular occasions. Lastly, we choose to wear our attire according to weather and geographical location. I would also like to add here that in certain circumstances, religion determines what one wears. For instance, muslim women have to wear hijab or burkha while sikh men wear a headgear called turban.
Q4.Is it possible to look good without spending too much on clothes?
Ans.I feel that it dosen’t necessarily mean that only expensive clothes look good. The way that the wearer carries himself or herself matters the most. Also, if one knows the skill to mix and match different items of clothing that go well together, one can actually generate many new looks without spending much. Adding a few accessories can accentuate the dress which is otherwise simple and inexpensive.

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IELTS Speaking Cue Card Sample Questions # Likely Job

Most of us choose a career path for ourselves and stick to it. However, there are others who work on one thing and end up doing the other. It is therefore correctly said that one’s education simply tells the education they had. It has nothing to do with the kind of job they will go for. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about a job that the individual is likely to have.

Describe the job that you would most likely to have. You should say :

  • what the job would be
  • where you would work
  • which qualification you will need

also, explain why would you like to have that job.

dream job IELTS Band7 Dehradun


My graduation is in bachelors in Technology with IT as the major. Studying computers for four years,  most probably it will be an IT company that I go and join. There is a pool of IT companies in the present work environment, but I prefer coding and so most likely will be working with a product based company. The job profile is of a software developer and we would be working mostly on building products. Making either products or websites using different languages.

To be short listed for a job at an IT firm, a person needs to hold a degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. But, apart from the kind of education they receive, the most important thing is the individual must have logical and critical reasoning power along with certain computer skills.To gain these skills, I have even signed up for an online python course to ensure that I do know things about python and use the language to build strong codes.

In terms of focussed companies, I am looking forward to placements at Flipkart because there is more of web development in there and my knowledge of Python and HTML may help them to create better UI designs.


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