Prepare For Interview

Interviews are inevitable part of ones life. It could be an interview for admission in a university or for getting a job. No matter what the interview is for, make sure you give it your best shot. But then how to give your best shot? How to prepare for interview?

Prepare For The Questions-:
An interview usually has three types of questions. The behavouriour type, questions to think and questions to ask. A behaviour question is the one related to your work or the activity you did or about your education. Question to think are think are the questions about your future plans. in the end you are given a chance to question. Make sure you know about the organization well, and ask a question related to it. Make sure you know what you have to say for a question. You need not to cram answers but the points must be clear
CV is important
A great deal of questions are asked from your CV. Make sure you prepare your CV well. you’re your cv and ask yourself questions. Pinpoint the main things about your CV and make a detailed study of it. You must know each and everything about it

You need to maintain good body postures and behave well. you need to look well and decent. Remember to be calm, during the entire interview and remain positive.

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IELTS for UKIV is a United Kingdom government-approved secure English language test. It means that now IELTS can be used to prove your English language proficiency to support your UK visa and immigration (UKVI) application.
For some categories of visa application, you need to submit an English language qualification that have been included on the UK Home official site of secured English language test.
Following are the IELTS test that have been included in the SELT list and have been approved for UK visas and immigration purpose.

IELTS Academic
This test is for those who wish to undertake a graduate or undergraduate program or for those seeking some professional registration in the United Kingdom.
IELTS General Training
This is the test for those who wish to migrate to the United Kingdom. It is also given by those who want to study or train themselves below the degree level.
IELTS Life Skills B1
The test is given by those who need to include their English speaking and listening skills as part of the visas and immigration for citizenship/settlement visa.
IELTS Life Skills A1
This test is given by those who are required provide their English speaking and listening skills as part of their application to United Kingdom Visas and immigration for family, spouse or partner visa.

Work hard, sweat while practicing to make sure you don’t bleed on the battle.


Thick As Plank

When educated people don’t understand their responsibility, people who are thick as plank often get the responsibility. Read more to find out who gets the responsibility.

The thick of something
Sentence-: chandni chowk is the thick of delhi.
Meaning-: the busiest or most crowded part of something
Thick and fast
Sentence-: I need the results thick and fast.
Meaning-: rapidly and in great numbers
Thick as thieves
Sentence-: by the age of 20 you have someone with whom you are thick as thieves.
Meaning-: very closely or friendly; sharing secrets
Thick as two planks
Sentence-: people who are thick as two planks often tend to behave as if they are the most intelligent.
Meaning-: very stupid
Have a thin time
Sentence-: I left the job because of the thin time it had.
Meaning-: have a wretched or uncomfortable time
Mark something with a white stone
Sentence-: My admissions in Harvard School are marked with the white stone.
Meaning-: regard something to be very good or auspicious
Show The White Feather
Sentence-:This is the battle time, you cannot show the white feather.
Meaning-: behave cowardly
A white elephant
Sentence-: This phone for me not a white elephant.
Meaning-: a possession that is expensive to keep and dispose often useless
Whiter than white
Sentence-: That saint you see on television, unlike others is whiter than white
Meaning-: morally beyond reproach
A widow’s mite
Sentence-:I was saved just because of a widow’s mite.
Meaning-: a monetary contribution from someone who is poor


Follow Your Dream

You need a IELTS band 6 or above if you want to study in good universities abroad. IELTS is a tough exam and it is not easy to get a high band especially if you have a broken English. There are four sections of IELTS -Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. You really need to work hard, very hard to get in there.

I know you must have heard all of this. It may be the case that you don’t have a strong command over the language. Most probably because you haven’t done your education in an English medium school. But here I tell you the truth. You are no less than any one out there who knows English. IELTS like any other competition is like a competition. It hardly matters how good you are, what matters is how well you prepare yourself and how well you perform on that particular day.

It doesn’t matters whether you know English, what matters is whether you are ready to make efforts. Whether you are ready to read newspaper, listen to BBC news. What matters is whether you are looking at how good your competitors are or are you looking at yourself. Improving yourself day by day. It doesn’t matter how good others are but how good you are than your previous version. And yes, “you” do matter. Because it is your exam, it is your fight. You are competing with yourself. You are fighting for your dream.

So, anyone out there, who thinks that they cant do this because may be they are very poor at English. Or may there competitors are really good. stop thinking. And start doing. Take the first step. Don’t look at others. Be sincere, work hard and follow your dreams. You never know what surprise life has in store for you.

Don’t fear. Fly High. All The Best.