Follow Your Dream

You need a IELTS band 6 or above if you want to study in good universities abroad. IELTS is a tough exam and it is not easy to get a high band especially if you have a broken English. There are four sections of IELTS -Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. You really need to work hard, very hard to get in there.

I know you must have heard all of this. It may be the case that you don’t have a strong command over the language. Most probably because you haven’t done your education in an English medium school. But here I tell you the truth. You are no less than any one out there who knows English. IELTS like any other competition is like a competition. It hardly matters how good you are, what matters is how well you prepare yourself and how well you perform on that particular day.

It doesn’t matters whether you know English, what matters is whether you are ready to make efforts. Whether you are ready to read newspaper, listen to BBC news. What matters is whether you are looking at how good your competitors are or are you looking at yourself. Improving yourself day by day. It doesn’t matter how good others are but how good you are than your previous version. And yes, “you” do matter. Because it is your exam, it is your fight. You are competing with yourself. You are fighting for your dream.

So, anyone out there, who thinks that they cant do this because may be they are very poor at English. Or may there competitors are really good. stop thinking. And start doing. Take the first step. Don’t look at others. Be sincere, work hard and follow your dreams. You never know what surprise life has in store for you.

Don’t fear. Fly High. All The Best.


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