IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Traditional Subjects

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.


Schools are spending more time teaching traditional subjects such as history. Some people think they should rather spend more time in teaching skills that can help students find a job.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Write at least 250 words.


Schools are considered to be the place where a child learns how to complete a syllabus and grasp the theory about practicals he or she will be doing as part of job. Some people are of the opinion that instead of making children cram the theory they must be given industrial training in school. In my opinion, I disagree on giving more importance to job specific training than theoritical knowledge.

Firstly, school is a place where a child develops his or her overall personality. Subjects like history, English help in understanding the world better. For example, a person who has learnt about the world war II will surely be better able to understand the present world scenario. Even more, often the work that we do is an amalgamation of lot of jobs put together. For instance, in IT it is not just about computer coding but also about communication skills.

Secondly, every industry is always changing and evolving. Getting a hold of how the industry works can limit the person in a box or a way of doing things. It is only when one knows the theory right and does faces the real life problems he or she develops a new way of dealing with things. In addition, there always comes a time when an individual becomes the master. Not having slightest of knowledge of other domains can make one’s career stagnant.

Overall, in my opinion, schools are where the students learn not just the subjects but importance of things like hard work, patience, relationships, time management. These are things one can learn when they have a broader knowledge base to get a grasp. Limiting one to a certain industry can make an individual stagnant in later phases of life.


Active Vs Passive

If you are giving academic IELTS, every minute detail becomes important. When you write, your idea, the way you wrote, the words you used all of them matter. Apart from them, it also matters how you phrase your sentence. Do you use active voice or passive? But the dilemma is which one is better?

Active Vs Passive

The answer being both of them have equal importance. If you are writing science, it is preffered to use passive. But if you are into social studies or humanities or arts, better use active voice.

Active Vs Passive

Use Grammar Correctly

Let us take an example-:
Sentence-: Health care reforms were implemented by Narendra Modi.
Problem-: the actor of the statement is” Narendra Modi” and we want to focus more on him. Using a passive voice, takes away the attention from him and makes the sentence weak.
Solution-: Narendra Modi implemented the health care reforms.

Remember, you just don’t need to know the concepts, is equally important to know how to implement them.


Avoid Contractions In IELTS

Essay writing is one of the most important portion of IELTS. Apart from IELTS you always need to write something or other in your daily life. It could be a letter or an article or an assignment. Although while writing informal some minute details get overlooked but this is not the case in academic or formal.

Avoid Contractions In IELTS

One of the mistakes that students generally make is the use of contractions in academic or formal writing. But then what are contractions? Contractions are two words made into one. For example-: shouldn’t, couldn’t etc.
It is preferred that you avoid using them while writing an academic/formal writing. using them may let you lose some marks. Given below are some of the most used contractions and alongside the words that make it. Use the latter one.

Avoid Contractions In IELTS

Avoid Contractions In IELTS

Shouldn’t -> should not
Couldn’t ->could not
Wouldn’t -> would not
Isn’t ->is not
Haven’t ->have not
Hasn’t ->has not

Remember, it does not matter how many things you do right, but how many things you do not do wrong.