Active Vs Passive

If you are giving academic IELTS, every minute detail becomes important. When you write, your idea, the way you wrote, the words you used all of them matter. Apart from them, it also matters how you phrase your sentence. Do you use active voice or passive? But the dilemma is which one is better?

Active Vs Passive

The answer being both of them have equal importance. If you are writing science, it is preffered to use passive. But if you are into social studies or humanities or arts, better use active voice.

Active Vs Passive

Use Grammar Correctly

Let us take an example-:
Sentence-: Health care reforms were implemented by Narendra Modi.
Problem-: the actor of the statement is” Narendra Modi” and we want to focus more on him. Using a passive voice, takes away the attention from him and makes the sentence weak.
Solution-: Narendra Modi implemented the health care reforms.

Remember, you just don’t need to know the concepts, is equally important to know how to implement them.


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