Speaking Part 2:An important decision you made with the help of another.

Speaking Part 2

Tell about an important decision you made with the help of another.

  • What the decision was?
  • Who helped you?
  • What the result of the decision was?

Sample Answer

A lot of conflicts take place inside our brains while making a decision. When we start stuff from the choice overload, we tend to avoid the efforts of making a correct decision. Hence, we start seeking suggestions from others.

Recently, I found myself standing on the crossroads and was unable to decide where to go. In that situation, I decided not to bear the burden of crossroad questions alone. In order to reduce that cognitive dissonance, I approached my father for his help.

I was working in a renowned Multinational Company as a manager. Although, I was drawing a handsome salary, I was not happy and contented as I always wanted to be a businessman. At that point of my career, leaving a stable and secured job just to fulfill my dream seemed quite risky. I discussed my inability to decide with my father. I told him that I wanted to leave the job and come back to my hometown for doing a business. He motivated me and said that we get only one life to love our dreams. Moreover, he not only shown his belief in my entrepreneurial skills but also supported me financially to establish my own enterprise.

By the grace of God and my father’s blessings, I am running my business successfully. What is more, I am able to provide employment to the hundreds of people. That one decision has changed my life completely and the credit goes to my father. It not only helped me to fulfill my individual responsibilities but the social responsibilities as well.

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