IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Study Room

Most of us have a study room in our house. Well, there are some who have a completely different room for study while there are some who have a corner of their house where they do study. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about your study room.

Describe your study room. You should say :

  • how it looks?
  • how much time do you spend there?
  • what according to you, an ideal study room should be?

also explain how would you like to change your study room?


Our house had a store room next to my bedroom which I later changed to my study room. The room is a small room with a window facing the garden of our house. Opposite to the window is where my study desk is kept, so I can always gaze outside when in stress. The room has a shelf where I keep my books and a smaller desk where I keep all the frequent things. Like, if I am reading a novel, it will be kept on the desk. But, if I have completed reading it, I would probably keep it back to my shelf.

The room is painted white in colour except the wall opposite to my desk. We have painted it in dark purple colour because of two reasons. One, it is my favourite colour. Second, it brings a sense of achievement, luxury and yet calmness in my life. My most of the time after office is spent there! Either I would be reading a novel there or preparing my speeches. According to me, an ideal study room is the one where a person can study calmly. So, it should be far away from all the distractions like television. Also, I think having a window is very important because it gives a person the time to think when in stress. Even a mirror also helps. Because, sometimes when you have to learn something or practice it one needs the help of a mirror.

I do love my room but I would like to have a mirror in my room so that I can practice my speeches well.


Our house has two floors and my study room is in the ground floor which makes it isolated and so a better place to be in. The room is a big room with two parts to it, one where my study material is kept and the other where a bed is placed. So, in case I wish to sleep I can doze off there. The room has a big window, opposite to which my study table is kept. The room has two cupboards where I have placed my books and then there is a small shelf where I keep the frequent books.

To the right of my study table, there is small table where my laptop is kept. So, whenever I feel like doing some work on my laptop, I sit on the mat and do my work. On the right of my study table, there is big mirror where I practice my speeches and often read out novels loud. Well, for the past one year, since I left my job, I am always in my study room or out of the house itself. I think too an extent my study room is an ideal study room because it has the mixture of both openness and isolation. There is technology as well as room for old books. It has got mirror and then a window which is very essential.

If ever I was to change my study room, I would only change the colour of the room. Presently it is painted in plain colours of violet. I would love to have more vibrant colours like orange and red in the room.


gaze : look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.

isolation: the process or fact of isolating or being isolated.

doze off : sleep lightly or fitfully. … to fall into a light sleep unintentionally


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