Learn New Words # Improve Vocabulary

We have been talking about words to tell what is going on, what is happening, what people do to each other or to themselves or what others do to them. In the last series, we learnt words , enervate, castigate, self-abnegate and vegetate. Let us continue learning more words related to these ideas and improve our vocabulary for IELTS.

You are a teacher and have just now given a long, complicated lecture to your class. But you want to make sure that you remember the important points, you restate the key ideas in short, a kind of brief summary, step by step, omitting all the extraneous points. What did you did?You recapitulate the main ideas.
You are about to start your studies and get into work. But then suddenly a friend pops up and starts telling you about her problems with her boss, her boyfriend, her gynecologist and more. You are not at all interested in listening to her issues but you don’t even want to make her sad by avoiding her or telling her to go away. So, instead of shooing her away, you pretend to rapt attention, nod wisely at what you hope are the right places. What verb describes this feigning of interest? You are simulating.
You are the owner of a company and some employees have complaint about possible things. You have taken into consideration all the points and called up a meeting. Although you don’t want to tell them directly of the possible actions that you will be taking. So, you instead of telling them directly, put in some hints of the possible actions. What verb describes what you are doing? You are intimating them of the possible actions.
Drugs don’t very often do much cure to any disease. Yet these drugs are popular and universally used to lighten and relieve various unpleasant symptoms of diseases such as pains, fevers etc. What verb expresses the action of such drugs? These drugs alleviate the pain.
When people have suffered a bereavement or they have been wounded by life or by friend, they most need to feel that they are not alone, that you share their misery even if you cannot directly alleviate their sorrow. Your sympathy and compassion are alleviation enough. What verb describes this sharing of feelings? You are commiserating.
You have got selected in Harvard and Princeton. Both of them are the most prestigious colleges and now you are confused as to which one to choose. Harvard is all over great and offers you with great scholarship but Princeton is the best for the course you are interested in. First it’s Harvard then Princeton, then back to Harvard. Which verb describes what you are doing? You are vacillating.