Write Effective Sentences

Given below are words that have jumbled up. You need to rearrange them to make meaningful sentences. Make sure that you don’t miss out any of the words that has been given, also include the punctuation marks correctly. This exercise will help you to write effective sentences.

  1. almost/was/passed/a/since/decade/first/this/has/book/published.
    ANSWER Almost a decade has passed since this book was first published.
  2. During/cement/to/the/tonnes/sales/quarter/,/declined/6.2 million.
    ANSWER During the quarter, cement sales declined to 6.2 million tonnes.
  3. The/ministry/permission/this/bank/from/has/the/in/sought/finance/regard.
    ANSWERThe bank has sought permission from the finance ministry in this regard.
  4. loans/were/the/zone/shipments/at/as/negative/subsidised/seven/the/exports/the/rates/will/help/in/country’s/exporters/past/boost/during/years.
    ANSWER loans at subsidised rates will help exporters boost shipments as the country’s exports were in the negative zone during the past seven years.
  5. For/due/India’s/shipments/crude/global/the/to/down/decline/exports/that/seventh/in/month/fell/in/a/row/,/of/15.82 percent/June/oil/$22.28 billion/to/slow/and/in/prices/impacted/petroleum/products.
    ANSWER For the seventh month in a row, India’s exports fell 15.82 percent in June to $22.28 billion due to global slow down and decline in crude oil prices that impacted shipments of petroleum products.
  6. The/of/March/interest/three/year/on/subvention/percent/scheme/ended/31/last/./
    ANSWER The interest subvention scheme of three percent ended on March 31 last year.
  7. That/a/is/serious/really/problem.
    ANSWER That is really a serious problem.
  8. The/covers/to/trove/from/the/mostly/early/period/2010/2105.
    ANSWER The trove mostly covers the period from 2010 to early 2015.
  9. The/was/is/which/name/Kashyap/by/of/Barfi/’/my/favourite/movie/’/directed/Anurag/./
    ANSWER The name of my favourite movie is ‘Barfi’ which was directed by Anurag Kashyap.
  10. We/about/a/hope/that/choosing/you/base/will/will/high/arts/read/our/provide/strong/courses/thoughts/school/a/liberal/for/education.
    ANSWERWe hope you will read our thoughts about choosing high school courses that will provide a strong base for a liberal arts education.