Sentence Completion

Sentence Completion

are the most common questions asked in IELTS. So go and practice lots of questions based on sentence completion.
Given below are five sentences with some blanks in them. Your task is to complete the sentence with the most appropriate word given in the options.

  1. Innovation would ___ in one trading hub for a while but then stagnate, sometimes because of external predators-roving pirates, invading barbarians but more often because of internal parasites.

    1. perish
    2. palliate
    3. flourish
    4. dramatize
  2. Boomers and their parents also spent their ___ years away from the cities, where newer immigrants tended to gather unlike today’s young people who have become more involved with immigrants.

    1. fantastic
    2. frenetic
    3. formative
    4. idyllic
  3. ____, shy dogs tend to live much longer that bold, aggressive dogs.

    1. febrile
    2. captivated
    3. docile
    4. ferocious
  4. When a mouse catches a whiff of a cat or a rat, it steps away from the direction of the scent, generally backward so it can keep an eye on the ______

    1. predator
    2. cannibal
    3. perfume
    4. swath
  5. Scientist have been able to formulate _ _______in the case of DNA, but definitive research has yet to provide a similar formulation for a finger print or a voice.

    1. fornesics
    2. nostrum
    3. distinctiveness
    4. therapeutic


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