Pie Chart FAQs For Writing Test

Task 1: Pie Chart FAQs for writing test

Many candidates write about every detail in a pie chart in a list format. This means that their sentence structure is very limited and they can’t get more than a Band 5.

Are pie chart questions more difficult than other Task 1 questions?

No, not really – they might appear more complicated visually because of the way they represent information and also because pie charts are normally in questions with more than 1 set of data, but they are no more difficult (or easy!) than other Task 1 questions.

Do I have to include all of the information in a pie chart?

No, you don’t. Pie charts often have categories such as ‘miscellaneous’ and ‘others’; you don’t have to include these areas in your answers because it’s not really clear what they refer to and they are normally included just to make up 100%.


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