Make A Sentence # Rearrange Words

Jumbled up words bring along with them a new series of questions. Below are the words that have been jumbled up and you need to rearrange the words to make proper sentence out of them.

Given below are sentences that have been jumbled up. You need to rearrange words to make meaningful sentences.


Question – The/ to/ the/ expression / of/ early/ modern/ sexuality/of/reinscription/ is/ conducive / materiality/./

Answer – The reinscription of early modern sexuality is conducive to the expression of materiality.

Question – The/ fantasy/ the/  of/ binary/ opposition/ rehearses/ canon/./unanalyzed/ arbitrariness/ of/ the/ literary/

Answer – The fantasy of binary opposition rehearses the unanalyzed arbitrariness of the literary canon.

Question – The /fantasy/with/ it/ the/  carries / eclectic/./teleology/ of/ the/ of/ the/ preprofessional/teleology/ of/ the/ of/ the/ preprofessional/

Answer – The fantasy of the preprofessional carries with it the teleology of the eclectic.

Question- The/ epistemology/ of/ autonomous /selfhood/ nation-state/./highlights/ the /expression/ of /the/

Answer – The epistemology of autonomous selfhood highlights the expression of the nation-state.

Question – The / instantiates/interaction/./ fiction/ of/ an /anthropocentric/ the /writing /of/ communicative /history/

Answer – The fiction of an anthropocentric history instantiates the writing of communicative interaction.

Question- The/  parallels/ ./phenomenalism /of/ binary/ opposition/the /ideology/ of/ the/ parent-child /dynamic/

Answer- The phenomenalism of binary opposition parallels the ideology of the parent-child dynamic.

Question – The / to/ the/ project/ of/ the /culture/ industry/./post-Foucaultian/ sexuality /is/ socialization/ of / effect/ identical/in/

Answer – The socialization of post-Foucaultian sexuality is in effect identical to the project of the culture industry.



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