Make A Sentence # Meaningful Sentences

Given below are words that have jumbled up. You need to rearrange them to make meaningful sentences. Make sure that you don’t miss out any of the words that has been given, also include the punctuation marks correctly.

  1. This/ is / come // without/ war/.out /of /Chapter /7 /sanctions/ the /first/ has / time /a /country /
    ANSWER This is the first time a country has come out of Chapter 7 sanctions without war.
  2. At / way/ they// perspective have/ endured / gives /in /the /world/./over/ time/on /our/ place / the/ same/ time/,/ the /,/
    ANSWER At the same time, the way they have endured over time, gives perspective on our place in the world.
  3. Time/behind/ even/ if/ unanswered /questions/ for / pass/ too/,/ it/ only/future/ people /to/ ponder/ over/!/ people/ and/ passes/,/ but /they/ can /leave /a /legacy / generations / one /of/ many /
    ANSWER Time passes, people and generations pass too, but they can leave a legacy behind even if it only one of many unanswered questions for future people to ponder over!
  4. Lots/the/ stones/who /built/ it/,/ but / can’t/ say/./ceremonies /the / had /for /the /people/truth/ like/ to/ try/ and /imagine /what /sort /of/ might/ of/ people/ is/ we / and /importance/ have
    ANSWER Lots of people like to try and imagine what sort of ceremonies and importance the stones might have had for the people who built it, but the truth is we can’t say.
  5. In / the/ it’s/./ meaning /of/ the /place/ really/ impossible to /say/ terms /of /
    ANSWER In terms of the meaning of the place it’s really impossible to say.
  6. The / and / favourite/ became /the/ most /movie / I/ have/ ever/ seen deeply /touched/ me movie/ /./
    ANSWER The movie deeply touched me and became the most favourite movie I have ever seen.
  7. While / not/ as /forthcoming/ as / signs/ that/ concern/ are / is/ that/ investments/expected. /is/ reviving/,/ the / growth/ economic /there/ are/
    ANSWER While there are signs that economic growth is reviving, the concern is that investments are not as forthcoming as expected.
  8. The /Bombay / in / of /new /building licences /Greater/would / Corporation /has/ that/ construction/not/ be/ issued /for/ the / Bombay/ for/ a /temporary / issued /a/ directive/period/./Municipal/
    ANSWER The Bombay Municipal Corporation has issued a directive that licences would not be issued for the construction of new building in Greater Bombay for a temporary period.
  9. There / investment /reasons /for /pick-up/.// are / slow / several
    ANSWER There are several reasons for slow investment pick-up.
  10. enthused/ by / and /initiatives/ proactive/ reform / Corporate/underway/./ the/ rapid / India/ is /greatly/
    ANSWERCorporate India is greatly enthused by the rapid and proactive reform initiatives underway.