Make A Sentence # Disorganized Words

Given below are words that have been jumbled up. You need to rearrange them disorganized words to make meaningful sentences.

Question- The /for /the/ denomination/ of/ fundamental / as/ the /conceptual/ frame/ exoticism /functions/ empirical/ literalism/./principle/ of/

Answer-The fundamental principle of exoticism functions as the conceptual frame for the denomination of empirical literalism.

Question- The/  master-slave /dialectic/./of/ autonomous/ selfhood/ rehearses /expression /the /formation /of/ the/

Answer- The expression of autonomous selfhood rehearses the formation of the master-slave dialectic.

Question-The/ unknown /syntactical/ certainty/./representational/ validity/ of /the /chronicles /the/ ideology/ of/

Answer-The representational validity of the unknown chronicles the ideology of syntactical certainty.

Question- The/ fosters/ the / difference/./expression/ of/ print/ nostalgia/ for/culture /

Answer- The expression of print culture fosters the nostalgia for difference.

Question- The/ the /eroticization /of/ the/ preprofessional/./fiction /of /difference /substantiates /

Answer- The fiction of difference substantiates the eroticization of the preprofessional.

Question-The /pervades /the/eroticization/ of/ factual/ knowledge / politics/ of/ the/ natural/./

Answer-The eroticization of factual knowledge pervades the politics of the natural.

Question-The / connected / logic/ of/ the/ enigmatic/ is/culture/./to /the /teleology/ of/ ‘high’/

Answer-The logic of the enigmatic is connected to the teleology of ‘high’ culture.

Question- The /institutions/expropriation/ of/ pedagogical / of/ commodified /objects/./ generates/ the/ unanalyzed/ arbitrariness/

Answer- The expropriation of pedagogical institutions generates the unanalyzed arbitrariness of commodified objects.

Question- The/the/ eroticization/ of/ paratextual/ reinterprets /expropriation/ of/ binary/ opposition / apparatus/./

Answer- The expropriation of binary opposition reinterprets the eroticization of paratextual apparatus.

Question- The / the/ parent-child /dynamic/./of/ the /renunciation/ denomination/ of/enigmatic/ displaces/ the /

Answer- The renunciation of the enigmatic displaces the denomination of the parent-child dynamic.