Make A Sentence # 15

Given below are sentences that have jumbled up words. You need to rearrange the given words and make meaningful sentences.


Often /they’re/another/./television/ on / on /screens/,/ watching / friends/ on/one/ while /chatting/ with/ doubling/ up/
Answer – Often they’re doubling up on screens, watching television on one while chatting with friends on another.
According/device/./new/ study/,/ of /four-and-a-half/ to/ a / of /age /spend/ an /average/or/ using/ a /digital / hours/ each/ day/ watching/ TV /tweens /from /8/ to/ 12 /years/
Answer -According to a new study, tweens from 8 to 12 years of age spend an average of four-and-a-half hours each day watching TV or using a digital device.
Among /71% /enjoy/ playing/ video/ games/,/girls/./tween/ boys/,/ twice /as /many /as /tween /
Answer -Among tween boys, 71% enjoy playing video games, twice as many as tween girls.
Common /Sense /and/a /nonprofit /group /focused/ on /helping/ children/Media/,/ ,/ parents /and /teachers/ better/ understand/ media / technology/,/ conducted/ the/ study/./
Answer – Common Sense Media, a nonprofit group focused on helping children, parents and teachers better understand media and technology, conducted the study.
One /in /looking/ hours/ of/ five/ tweens/ media/ each /day/, /and/ 18%/ of/ teens/ are /screen/10 /hours /a /day/./at/ their /screens/ for/ more/ than /uses /more/ than /six /
Answer -One in five tweens uses more than six hours of screen media each day, and 18% of teens are looking at their screens for more than 10 hours a day
Kids /report/ spending/ about / hour /each /day/ being /an/active/./
Answer -Kids report spending about an hour each day being active.
It / screens/as /no /lot/ of /time/ in /front /of/spending/./ surprise/ that/ kids/ are/ should/ come / a
Answer -It should come as no surprise that kids are spending a lot of time in front of screens.
Teen / more/ each /day/ on / spend/ about/ 40 /minutes/girls/,/ meanwhile/,/ spend/ about/ 40 /minutes/social /media /than /boys /do/./girls/,/ meanwhile/,/
Answer – Teen girls, meanwhile, spend about 40 minutes more each day on social media than boys do.
Tweens/ spend / minutes/ per/ of/ five/ minutes/,/ music/,/ or/ writing/./day /making/ something/ with/ all /their/an /average/ and/ teens/ nine/ digital/ tools/, /whether/ it’s/ art/
Answer -Tweens spend an average of five minutes and teens nine minutes per day making something with all their digital tools, whether it’s art, music, or writing.