Speaking Cue Card: Describe a teacher from your past that you remember.

Describe a teacher from your past that you remember.

You should say:

  • What class the teacher taught you and how old you were
  • What the teacher’s special qualities and characteristics were
  • Why you remember this teacher.

Sample Answer:

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning. Throughout our lives we meet several educationists and teachers and remember a few for the wonderful qualities that they possess. One such teacher that I can recall is Miss Shreeparna Basu. She taught English literature in my 10th grade. I was almost 16 then.

She was very well versed in various classical literature. She studied at the abode of art, Shantiniketan. She shared an immense love for poetry similar to mine. It was so fascinating to watch her recite all the melodies of Wordsworth and Shakespeare by heart. As a young reader myself, she proved to be the biggest inspiration in my post teenage years. She effortlessly explained the most scary looking paragraphs as if it was some pop song. She is a very patient and honest lady. I used to make her recite certain sonnets and verses for me after the school hours to which she’d always happily agree. She is also an artist. She is an enchanting painter.

She has helped boost my reading habit. She serves a major role in the developing of my vocabulary. She has also helped me improve my communication skills. She took the mind of a small child and influenced it with Elliot and daffodils. She always taught us to be good human beings. She taught us morals and ethics which as a young individual everyone must cultivate. I still remember her for her thoughtful suggestions and honest reviews.


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