IETLS Speaking about home

IETLS Speaking about home.

IETLS Speaking question 1: Describe your home.

Answer A: I own a small but well-planned house. It is a 3 BHK flat with all basic facilities. A fully furnished kitchen, well-equipped bathrooms and spacious, ventilated rooms are its integral parts. A beautiful garden enhances its beauty and makes us feel closer to nature. The best thing about this house is that it is located in a sophisticated colony.
Answer B: I own a two-storey house with an amazing roof top as its specialty. My spacious home has three bedrooms; one scenic living room, one vivid drawing room attached to the guest room; a picturesque dining hall. A beautiful kitchen and two washrooms are its integral parts. It has a courtyard and a lush green lawn which welcomes you at the entrance. In short, I can say that my home has all the basic facilities which are needed for a comfortable and easy life.
IELTS Speaking question 2: What kind of building do you live in?

Answer A: I live in an eight-storey building and all storeys have the same type of flats but they are independent. The building is surrounded by a fence. It has round-the-clock security and it can be accessed by two gates: front and back. We have a common terrace. All the floors are equipped with a working and well-kept lift. There is a big parking lot in the back.

Answer B: I live in an independent house which has proper fencing and a secure entrance. It has a nice front and a lavish green lawn decked with variety of flowers. At the back side of the house, there is a parking space for two cars. Overall, it is a well-planned building.

Answer C: I live in a rented room in a paying guest accommodation. It is a superb building equipped with all the facilities. Round-the-clock security, access to free Wi-Fi, medical room and a common room all are made available to the guests living in the building. Every major part of the city is accessible from our building.

IELTS Speaking Question 3: Describe your room.

Answer A: I have a beautiful, airy room at the back side of my house. It is decorated with wall paintings. I have installed a computer in my room. In addition, it has a study table, a chair and a dressing mirror on one of its wall. I have put a comfortable full-sized bed and mattress in my room. Its interior reflects my hobbies. There is a beautiful garden in front of my room which soothes my eyes when I look at it from the window. All in all, I think that my room is the best room of my house.

IELTS Speaking Question 4: Describe what you do when you stay at home?
Answer A: Eventually, everyone loves to spend time at home. Some people like to sit idle and watch TV, some of us prefer to do household things like cooking and cleaning the house. When I am at home, I enjoy the delicious homemade food which my mother cooks, and if there is a cricket match on that day then it’s a golden opportunity to spend time with friends and family with heavy pizza orders. Sometimes, I help my mother in her household chores.


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