IELTS Speaking # Weather

IELTS Speaking # Weather

IELTS Speaking Question 1: What’s the weather like in your country ?

Answer: In my view, the weather in my country(India) can be defined comprehensively by one word; Monsoon. It conveys the idea of rhythm of seasons which our exceptionally diverse land witnesses and monsoons are the reason behind this unification. India being in temperate belt zone shows the assortment in its weather. But northernmost and north-eastern part has almost cold weather whereas coastline area of country has uniformity of weather throughout the year. From December to February there is a lovely winter season, from March to July we experience hot summer, from August to October there is a rainy season and from late October to November we have autumn. And these four seasons are seen in a repetitive manner.


IELTS Speaking Question 2: Does the weather affect your mood?

Answer A) Yes! Weather does affect our mood. We experience drowsiness in winter and exasperation in high summers, whereas spring brings up positive alleviation in our mood. Even psychologists have proven that crime rate and psychological well being-ness are highly proportionate to the change in weather and crime rate shows a drastic decline in pleasant weather conditions.

Answer B) As far as my prospect is concerned, weather does not show significant changes in our mood, it’s the situation which plays the role in mood change. The scientific reason behind change in weather is the temperature and pressure belts of earth, which do not comply with the secretion of hormones which results into change in mood. So, it’s irrelevant to say that weather has an effect on our mood.


IELTS Speaking Question 3: How do rainy days make you feel?

Answers A) Well! Along with rain drops, rainy days bring ecstatic changes around us. We can enjoy variety of dishes sitting at home and seeing rain drops makes us feel blissful indeed. The precept outside elevates our mood. The tiny drops of water seem wrapping the happiness around them and more likely tend to be the lifeline for vegetation, along with sheer boon to draught prone areas and deserts.

Answers B) Frankly speaking, I feel slightly uneasy during rainy days. It’s muddiness all around the street and every class of society gets the day to day life affected due to mud and water gathered all around. Sometimes heavy rainfall halts the life and people don’t even have proper access to household commodities. From transportation to electricity everything has ceased to be stopped. In rainy season not only the quality of drinking water gets worse but also untimely rain affects our vegetation adversely. Many diseases like Malaria, Hepatitis and Diarrhea etc. also spread their tentacles during this weather.


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