IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Understanding Internet

Internet is everywhere and with the entire world being on Internet, it has become the most important thing after electricity. With so many people and households using Internet, let us today have a look at some of the questions related to Internet in order to understand it better.

Does your family have wireless Internet access in your home?

No, we don’t have wireless Internet access. Primarily because, my brother is doing Bachelors in Technology from a different city and I am doing a job somewhere else. It is only once or twice in a year that we go back home. So, having a wireless Internet has no point in it. However, I do have it in my house at the place where I work.

Do you access the Internet from your mobile phone?

Yes, I do access Internet from phone but I prefer using a laptop or a desktop for accessing Internet. It is only for whats app or may be when I need to emergently see something online that I use mobile phone.

What type of pages do you access with your phone?

On my phone, I mostly access my bank website or facebook and sometimes the general questions that pop up during the day.

Do you have many e-mail addresses?

I have got two e-mail addresses, one is for my personal work while the other is for my professional job. It helps me to segregate the two and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Why do you need more than one e-mail address?

Having more than one email address helps in making the data secure. So, like the work email that I have will never contain any private or personal information and vice versa. If in case any one of them gets hacked then I am not losing everything.
understanding the internet

Have you ever chatted on the Internet?

Yes, I have. I have had Facebook account for a very long time, before I finally chose to shut it down. Now, I use whatsapp when I want to talk to people.

Is it dangerous to meet people on the Internet?

I think there is surely some risk involved when you meet a person using Internet because it might be possible that the person that you meet online has faked a lot of things. There have been cases when people met someone online and when they met in real life,things got better. Often the relationship went on to getting married. So, anything can happen but I think apart from the rare cases involved, it is always better to meet people offline and get to know them there.

Would you like to go on a date with someone you meet on the Internet?

I think I might go out on a date but that would be along with a friend. I don’t think there would ever be something like a romantic first date with someone I met on Internet.

Do you think governments have the right to censor the Internet?

Too an extent yes. Because, there are so many ill forces that are acting continuously, that might harm the people. But, then I believe that there should be certain level of freedom associated with it as well. So, it should be free largely with strict laws only at certain places or some websites.

Do you think that the Internet is safe for children? Why?

I believe, No. Internet is not something children should do extensively. Primarily because it is the time when they can make real time friends, go out and play games and get to know each other physically. There is nothing better than playing cricket with a bunch of friends in a field or fighting over some silly point and these things cannot be found in Internet. Also, children don’t know how to use it properly so there are more chances of them getting struck into those malware present in Internet.

Do you think that it is important for schools to have Internet access? Why?

I think definitely yes. A school should provide Internet access but then it should be more of restricted. So, that children are able to use it but only for their own betterment, like allowing them to see the education sites or knowledge related videos. Because, there are still people who cannot afford quality Internet and if a school can provide it there is nothing better than that. But, it should be strictly monitored and made sure that children are watching what they should watch.

I think there is no need of Internet in schools. Children only go there for some time and in that period, there is so much that can be done, you can read books, make friends, play games that I don’t think there is any time left. But, yes, if a child wants to see something online, they can be provided access but it should be completely monitored.


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