IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Academic Research

With internet coming into the market, their are several options that have opened up for the students and individuals to learn new things. It could be either by watching television, or searching through web for the knowledge. No matter what, academic research has become an easy task for people with the coming of internet and educational television. Let us today have a look at questions that are related to how television and internet has changed the way academic research is being done.

Why are quiz programs popular these days on TV?

The main reason for quiz programs becoming so popular is because people have become more competitive. The other reason could be because most of the popular quiz shows have money involved in its prize.

Other than this, I think one reason for quiz programs to become so popular could be because they are fun to watch and then you can learn so much from them. They are designed to be fast-paced, and the duration is usually short. Also, there is no baggage along with them. So, you watch them, and learn things and if you miss an episode, it won’t affect the knowledge you will gain in the future.

What is your opinion about TV as an educational tool?

In my opinion, TV can be both, may be an educational tool and might not be one. I mean, it is more on the person who watches it. So, an individual can g o and watch the programs specifically designed to be educational in nature or may just go for the ones that are solely for entertainment purposes.

I believe like many things in life, it’s not so much the object but what you do with it. For example, there would be a lot of potential educational value if people watched a lot of documentary style programs and learned things about subjects they are interested in.

Even more there are quiz shows with general knowledge being its main theme and you can learn all of it in a very fun way. However, if people go about watching cartoons or other entertainment shows, it is entirely on the individual.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of television?

I think the main advantage of television is that it is mass product, so most of the people have access to the programs. So, it becomes relatively easy to communicate with population the major events and the required information, in different languages.

However, not everyone watches television for education. There are certain programs that are there to entertain you and they are very addictive. Often it has been seen that people leave their work for watching television. Also, television is not very flexible. So, there is a program that is schedule at a particular time and a person, if want to watch it has to see during that time only.

Academic Research
Do you think academic research is important to today’s society? Why?
Of course yes. Research is surely very important for the society. The real innovations and changes come from how we learn and develop our ideas. If a society does not do any  academic research, chances are they might take most of the things for granted assuming nothing great took any hard work. I think this stops the way for further development It is when people do academic research or developmental study that technology becomes commercially available.
Do you think the research findings should be accessible to all? Why?

If we talk of an ideal world, I think yes. The public has the entire right to know what is being done because in that way the common man will be able to get lot of information which is otherwise not accessible to him or her.

However, research related to may be military or a new invention regarding a drug, should be kept hidden. Because, one never knows how an individual can use the data available.

So, I think it is more of what is the data and if the research is such that it can be made public there should not be much of thought about making it public. However, if there is any sensitive information associated, there is no point in making it accessible to all.


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