IELTS Speaking Sample Question # Cheating

Cheating is when you act dishonestly  or unfairly to get an advantage. So, there are people who cheat on exams, some cheat on their partners others cheat themselves on their life. It is something so common, that it often becomes no big deal. Let us today have a look at some questions related to cheating and find out if it is a big deal!

What is your definition of cheating?

I think cheating is when you lie for an advantage. Like, people lie to themselves when they are cheating in a exam for some extra marks. Or, some cheat on their partners because they get fun some where else.

Have you ever cheated?

Sadly yes. I have cheated in different exams of my college. But, at that time neither those exams were important, nor the degree so I was mostly not affected. However, when a company came for our placements, although everyone was cheating, I chose not to.

Why do you think that people cheat?

I think the main reason for people cheating is because they don’t find it a big deal. There are people for whom lying is not a very bad thing which cannot be done. So, they think of the profit and do things that take them there, letting nothing come between.

Have you ever been caught cheating on an exam?

No, as far as I can remember, no. But, there was a friend of mine who was caught cheating and I remember he was asked to leave the examination hall at the very moment.

If you had a chance to cheat now, would you take it?

No, I think I have come to a stage in my life,where I understand that cheating is not done to others. When you cheat, you are actually cheating with your life, giving false hopes and you are not free. Because, deep inside you know that whatever you have achieved in your life is a result of cheating, a lie.

In what situations do people usually cheat?

There are two types of people. One of them, cheat just for fun and they can do it always, in any situation. Because, for them cheating is no big deal. But, then there are those ethical people, who do sometime cheat, but I think it is only when it is desperate or urgent. Like, my college topper she cheated in an exam of placement because she wanted to get job in a company and losing was not what she could afford.

Have you ever been cheated on by somebody else?

Not very strictly, but yes there was a friend of mine and I thought he would be there for me, in times of need. But, when I was in a real trouble and I asked for help, he preferred going on a date with a girl. And I felt bad because I was in a real need of help. And what affected me the most was he said he would help and I was left standing alone, waiting for the help.

Describe a time when you cheated and it helped you?

Lot of times I would say, to be very frank. But, this one time I remember. I was preparing for an exam and by mistake prepared for the wrong one. It was so frustrating because I did not knew anything about it. The girl sitting ahead of me, told me in that practical exam and I was able to pass it. I think it was the time I couldn’t have done anything without cheating.

Do you think if people stopped cheating the world would be a better place?

Definitely yes, because no matter how much we deny it, honesty surely is the best thing to do and may be people will achieve a little less but I am sure they will be happy about whatever they achieve in their lives.

What do you think of people who cheat in their relationships?

I don’t think anything of them, neither there is any respect for them in my heart nor any hatred. For me, people like these deserve no attention and should be directly ignored. Because, if a human cannot understand the emotions of others and chooses to play with it, there is nothing much you can say about it. However, yes if the relation is damaging, either mentally or physically and someone finds solace in other person, it is fine. But, that is in rare conditions.

What do you think can be done to prevent cheating?

I think cheating can be prevented if right from the beginning we are taught the importance of being honest. When children are not punished often, I think it is when children start getting punishments, they learn how to cheat. Because, that is their way of molding things and saving themselves. Also, awarding anyone who is honest can help reduce people who cheat.


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