IELTS Speaking Part I Sample Questions # Science

Science is one of those most dreaded and then often the most loved subjects in school. There are people who go for it and then go entirely or just let it be. It is science that teaches children to be more logical and makes them understand the wonders of life. This time we are looking at some sample speaking questions asked in IELTS part I related to science.

Do you like science?

Answer 1: I do find science intriguing because there is so much one can comprehend about the present life from science, which makes life more vivid for the individual. For example, I know the reason why liquid flows and why my desk is so rigid. All thanks to science.

Answer 2: Science does interest me but I am more of an art student. Rather than comprehending on why things are the way they are, I accept them and try to correlate different existing things. For instance, the question on whether water flows or not does not gives me a kick but what does the flowing water make people feel surely does.

What science subject did you like the most in school? Why?

Answer 1: Chemistry has been my favourite subject because it taught me about our surroundings. Surely Biology was even interesting but the difficult terms it presented was not something that fascinated me. The greatest lesson anyone can ever learn from Chemistry is that mixing is essential but one must remember that it can be both constructive and destructive. In addition, some things can be taken back others not.

Answer 2: I loved Physics a lot because of the various problems it presented. There was always a way of doing things and then a simpler way of doing the same things. Finding the best way of doing certain things fascinated me and allured me to practice more. Even more, since the concepts of physics could be applied in my daily life, it did become my favourite subject.

What do you find most interesting about science?

Answer 1: Science in itself is pretty interesting because of the broad concepts that it brings into the picture. So, it is all about nature and its components: biology, physics, and chemistry do make our daily lives possible. I believe the fact that no matter one does not pursues it in their lives as a career, science surely helps in leading a better life.

Answer 2: The most tempting things about science is that it binds life. What I see around me, I can find the reasons for their existence in science. From the matters to space, science allows a person to understand themselves better through biology and then make life simpler with physics.

Is there anything that you do not like about science?

Science is a beautiful subject which if learned practically can teach people a lot. But I believe it is taught poorly in schools making kids lose interest in it. Science is about doing experiments and trying new things, the lack of proper lab tools and the competition of getting good grades often takes away the real teaching that science has to offer.

Is your work related to Science?

Being a blogger and a computer engineer science does not come to my use every day. Most of the times I am writing articles on things around or coding my way to make certain things happen. But Science does create curiosity in me and I do watch some shows on Discovery or read science fiction.


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