IELTS Part III Speaking Questions # Innovation And Ideas

We have talked about the questions that might be asked in Part I of this topic. Let us have a look at some of the questions that might be asked in discussion part of speaking section.

Why are some people better at thinking of ideas than others?

The main reason, according to me, is they give themselves time. So, you could find them reading things, traveling, meeting people, solving puzzles and doing more of active entertainment and better way of passing time. People who mostly spend their time doing either facebook or whats app or may be indulging in only one particular thing, tend to get less ideas. So, those who are constantly exploring themselves and the world around, are struck by more ideas.

How easy is it for an adult to think of a new idea?

I would say, too an extent it is difficult. Because an average adult, often gets laid back, learning becomes too tiring and there are so may other things going on that thinking of learning and putting in ideas seems quite difficult. But, if someone is constantly learning and working on improving, I would say it is not a big deal to get an idea and start working on it.

innovation and ideas

How can children be taught to become innovative?

Children must be taught to question to make them innovative. Often, we are not able to answer the WHYs of a child and by force ask them to ask better questions. This leads in them not answering any questions at all. So, instead of stopping them asking silly questions, we should answer there questions and make sure they ask more of them.

In which sphere of business is innovation the ultimate necessity?

The world is growing and new inventions are taking place every day or every month. Considering this, I think all areas of business need innovation. An innovation need not be something very huge or something new, it could be very simple, very trivial. A new way of doing the same thing, could even be innovation. And I believe that it is required everywhere by everyone.

What should be people opinion about implementing new ideas?

I believe people should be open about implementing a new idea. And this definitely does not mean that they need to support every new idea. What I mean is that they should share their view point about that idea. It could be something they might like to change or something they appreciate or something they believe could be done other way round. Because, an idea stopped just to ensure it does not implements brings lot of negativity, but when the pros and cons are considered effectively, it gives the idea a new life.

What role should the government play in encouraging innovation?

Government has a very important role in making sure that an innovation takes place. Firstly, they should make some laws favoring it. So, may be the strict laws and implementations could be eased out to make it easier for innovators to do things. Even more, sometimes funding is required in bringing a revolution, I think in those cases government can and should help.

There are people of the opinion that soon innovation will become very important in society. Do you agree or disagree?

I completely agree with it. In my opinion, we are changing every minute and with new technologies and revolutions taking places, any one who resents change or innovation will soon be lost. For example, Nokia. There was time when Nokia was the leader of phones and everyone was buying it. But then came android and it was the resentment of Nokia to take android that lead to its failure. They could not innovate themselves to the new changes.

Is innovation always a good thing?

Definitely not. You can look at atom bomb. The one innovation that changed the world forever, that changed the lives of two cities and millions of its people forever, the generations to come have suffered because of that one innovation. Then there are Cigarettes. There is no one thing good about cigarettes and yet people are addicted to it, affecting their lives and also the one near to them. Also, gun powder. Millions of people are dying because of it. I think yes, innovations have been good but when used badly they have surely affected human lives in the worst way possible.

Most innovations have patents. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of patents?

Looking at the positive side, patents allow the inventor right to stop the manufacturing, copying and selling the product of without his/her content. It also gives the inventor the commercial benefits. So, an inventor can then earn all the money from the product. Even more it provides other benefits, like recognition and hence provide opportunity for bigger discoveries. However, on the negative side, a patent is only for 20 years, after which other individual or companies can use the product freely. Even more, it is a very lengthy and time consuming process.