IELTS Cue Card #event when you were congratulated

Describe an occasion or event when you were congratulated.
You should say:

  • what was the occasion
  • when was it
  • who congratulated you and why

and explain how did this make you feel.


Sample Answer :

It’s a common gesture of appreciation that one receives on doing something good and worthy. We get appreciations for the good things we do for others or for our great achievements or personal excellence. One similar occasion when I was congratulated was when my debate team won the district/ county level championship.
It was 2012 and I was in my 10th grade. I was an influential member of my school debate team and had participated in a lot of different solo and team debate competitions. The yearly inter-school division/ county level championship was considered to be the most amazing and prestigious tournament and the in those days the finals was broadcasted on local TV channels as well as on the radio and on the internet.
Our school had a very bad past history as it was not able to win the championship before 2012. They had their last victory in the 90’s and everyone was waiting to hear the winning bells again. Though some of the debate teams participated till the semi-finals of the championship but never made it to the finale.
That year I was heading the debate team and to everyone’s great astonishment, we won the finals. Most of the people of our city watched the finals on TV and were super excited, happy and proud to see me on air and it was an added attraction that we won.
The school arranged an assembly specifically to congratulate us for our achievement and I found more than five hundred students, their guardians and local people who were eagerly waiting for us and were present there to join us in this victory. I was so proud about the whole team and excited about the occasion and when all those people started congratulating me, I felt like I was flying above the sky and my happiness knew no leaps and bounds.
Later I received many congratulations and appreciations as I grew up in my life but none of them mattered as that one occasion. We walked through the gushing crowd towards the stage of the auditorium and people stood up, greeted us and  clapped their hands. Lot of teachers, local political leaders, upper-level government employees and renowned personalities were also present there. The ceremony went on for almost 3 hours and we got many gifts and bouquets as well. Ill always remember that moment.(395 Words)

Follow-Up Questions :

Q1. What kind of people are successful in your country ?
Ans In India, generally movie stars, politicians and business tycoons are the most popular and successful people. Influential people who make social and environmental changes are also considered successful.

Q2. Is the definition of success the same today as it was in the past ?
Ans Success has different meaning to different people. People in the past considered success to be more about respect and dignity and paid more focus on the idea of getting known. The idea of popularity still remains the same but today people evaluate success in terms of money and material possessions acquired.

Q3. Why are some celebrities and movie stars more successful then others ?
Ans Some celebrities are famous because the generation today is bias and they prefer knowing or watching only those  certain celebrities who are more popular and they don’t really prefer quality. They just go with the brand name and they prefer to stick with the passive crowd and go along with fan following.



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