Cue Card Talk about a boring meeting

Cue Card Talk about a boring meeting
IELTS Cue Card Talk about a boring meeting you had with other people
Talk about a boring meeting you had with other people 
You should say 
  • When was this meeting? 
  • Who were the other people?
  • What did you converse about? 
  • And explain why you found this meeting boring.
Sample Answer
Boredom is the word used to describe a task or situation when the human mind finds a task dull and uninteresting, something mundane oftentimes a repetitive task that becomes monotone. To alleviate our boredom we can do a lot of things, but sometimes it is just better to suffer.
Take last year for example. I had gone to a family reunion because our twice removed uncle had built a new house, thus everyone in the extended family was invited to the house warming. Since it would be unspeakably rude to deny such an invitation, I was forced to leave my weekend plans and drive a good four hours form the city all the way to my ancestral village.
Once there I had to pretend to recognize distant relatives who might just as well be strangers for all I knew them. We took a trip to the temple, it was a hot sweltering day, I was wearing a large Indian traditional gown and on top of that I am an atheist. Needless to say, I was finding this expedition more and more cumbersome by the minute; it all looked to be a giant waste of time. When we arrived at the house, we had another three-hour long ritual of chanting while sitting around a fire. I was very fed up by the time everything began to wrap up. As if that wasn’t enough, my aunt proceeded to drag me into the most boring and futile conversation I have ever had in my life.  
Generally, I am a great conversationalist and I love to listen, asking questions at the appropriate moments and really getting to know the other person. But this was truly beyond me. The village ladies had all sat in a circle and were bragging to each other about how much milk their cows gave, how much money their husbands made, and how many marks their four-year-old got in their latest test. Every single sentence was repeated what felt like dozens of times, the conversations were simply shallow and intrusive. How one could live a life that revolves around envy I will never understand. I am one for self-development; if you try hard enough you can learn anything. Why then discuss the mundanity of life when you have the miracles of possibility, of learning, and of development to talk of?  
I felt extremely tired after that taxing day, I am aware this is not a nice thing to say but, oh my!! Relatives are indeed simply tiresome! Even when you are bored you cannot say anything for fear of making your family feel unwanted. It is a delicate balance of wanting to love them and see them dearly but not having the courage to converse for more than a minute. That was my story of a tedious meeting I had to attend. 


Useful words and their meanings
Boredom the state of being bored
Oftentimes on many occasions
Shallow not showing serious or careful thought
Intrusive affecting someone in a way that annoys them and makes them feel uncomfortable
Mundanity the fact of being very ordinary and therefore not interesting

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