Cue Card : A time the weather made you change your plans.

IELTS Cue Card A time the weather made you change your plans.

You should say:

  • What the plan was
  • How the weather was
  • Why you had to change the plan
  • And explain on how you felt about the overall situation.

Cue Card A time the weather made you change your plans

Sample Answer:

Unpredictable weather can be a nuisance. I will now recount one such instance when the weather played spoilsport to my plans.

This happened a fortnight ago. It had been a long and tedious month of finals in college. As I gave my last exam, all I could think about was how much I was looking forward to relaxing during the oncoming weekend.

Now this might come off as a bit shallow to some, but shopping is my idea of time well spent, in fact it is my main hobby. I find it to be therapeutic in a sense; even buying a little cute teddy keychain can change my mood dramatically. I had asked my bestie, Natasha, to join me on Saturday afternoon. The plan was to visit a newly opened shopping centre in our neighbourhood. I kept seeing adverts about this establishment in the papers, they only served to hype me up even more. Little did I know that my big break was never going to arrive.

That same Friday afternoon it was unexpectedly cloudy and had started drizzling. I thought that the weather would be fine tomorrow. However, it became worse overnight; thunder and lightning continued for hours. When I woke up, it was raining heavily without any signs of stopping soon.

Just to see if there was any possibility of a clear sky in the afternoon, I checked the weather forecast. A severe cyclonic storm with heavy rains and gusts was predicted during the next 24 hours. Now, there was no choice except cancelling our afternoon outing.

I felt crushed. After having studied so hard for the last three months, all I asked for was one measly outing and god had denied even that. To make matters worse, the electricity cut soon after, and it did not come back the entire day. That was one day I remember vividly for being so miserable, lonely and cold. (350 Words)


High-level words and their meanings:
nuisance something or someone that annoys you or causes trouble for you
fortnight a period of two weeks. (14 days)
tedious Feel boring
hype advertised, discussed in newspapers & TV to attract everyone’s interest.
drizzling rain in very small, light drops


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